Highest Paying Nursing Jobs in California

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In California, nursing jobs encompass a diverse range of positions in the healthcare industry. The various levels include registered nurses (RNs), nurse practitioners, and nursing assistants. Each function comes with its own set of responsibilities and requirements. There are also many highest paying nursing jobs in California.

To become a nurse, you must first have medical training and education, typically a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in nursing science. Furthermore, registered nurses must pass state licensing exams to practice.


In this article, we will discuss the highest paying nursing job in California.

What are the Highest Paying Nursing Jobs in California?

1. Certified Nurse Anesthetists(CRNAS)

To give anesthesia during surgery, certified nurse anesthetists have acquired additional training. They must also have acquired anesthetic training in addition to their RN credentials.


This requires additional college courses as well as national certification. A CRNA delivers anesthesia and monitors patients till they awaken during surgical procedures. This is one of the Highest paying nursing jobs in California.

Average Salary: $181,000 annually

2. Neonatal Nurse

A neonatal nurse must have highly specialized training to care for premature babies and possibly deal with serious health issues. Congenital disabilities, undeveloped lungs, infections, and other serious health problems are examples.

In addition to becoming an RN, a neonatal nurse must study pediatric care and premature infants. Most continue to receive training to use cutting-edge technology to provide the best possible care.


The need for neonatal nurses is high. Individuals interested in this field can find employment in almost any location with a staffed NICU. They can earn an average yearly salary of roughly $125,000 if they have a few years of experience.

3. Cardiac Nurse Practitioner

To care for cardiac patients, cardiac nurse practitioners have received specialized training. Nurses must be competent to monitor and care for patients who have had a heart attack or are currently undergoing medical therapy for heart disease under this job description.

Cardiovascular nurse practitioners must finish additional training in heart care and heart attack therapy in addition to their nursing degrees and RN certification.

Cardiac nurse practitioners can work in a cardiac care hospital or a doctor’s clinic specializing in cardiac care. On average, a cardiac nurse practitioner can earn up to $114,000 per year.


4. Oncology Nurse

An oncology nurse specializes in caring for persons with cancer or undergoing cancer treatment. To be licensed, an oncology nurse must complete conventional nursing degrees and pass the state exam.

They may choose oncology as one of their collegiate specializations. After graduation, most will require additional training to work in cancer. Once licensed, they must continue their education to keep their license in good standing. This is one of the Highest paying nursing jobs in California.

Nurses are in high demand and can find work anywhere in the US. An oncology nurse with the necessary credentials and experience can earn roughly $113,000 annually.

5. Orthopedic Nurse Practitioner

Orthopedic nurse practitioners provide excellent care to patients suffering from musculoskeletal illnesses or accidents. This includes degenerative bone illnesses such as arthritis and bone disease. This service area also includes sports and automobile accidents.


Orthopedic nurse practitioners must be registered nurses who have specialized in orthopedic treatment. In this sector, orthopedic nurse practitioners may be required to help in surgical operations that restore shape and function to a damaged or diseased area.

In cities, orthopedic nurse practitioners are in high demand, but they can also be found in rural areas. Orthopedic nurse practitioners with a few years of experience and expertise in their specialty can expect to earn around $113,000 per year.

6. General Nurse Practitioner

General nurse practitioners have received additional training in addition to their nursing degrees and licenses. Individuals interested in becoming practitioners must first complete advanced training that will allow them to treat patients without a doctor.

A general nurse practitioner can diagnose and treat patients just like a doctor. However, they can only perform simple procedures. General nurse practitioners are frequently more accessible than doctors and are employed to assist with patient care in many doctor’s clinics.


In rural places where doctors are scarce, general nurse practitioners are in high demand. General nurse practitioners can make a good living with an average annual salary of more than $112,000.

7. Family Nurse Practitioner

A family nurse practitioner is similar to a general nurse practitioner, but they have additional training in pediatric and geriatric care. FNPs can work in almost any type of facility due to the wide range of ages they are trained to care for.

A family nurse practitioner can also care for all family members, regardless of age. Although the field is somewhat broad, the additional training broadens the practitioner’s scope, allowing them to treat patients of all ages.

On average, a family nurse practitioner can earn roughly $117,000 per year.


8. Nurse Midwife

A nurse-midwife aids pregnant women who want to give birth at home or in a setting other than a hospital. A nurse-midwife cares for the woman and supervises both mother and child throughout the pregnancy. When the time comes, the nurse-midwife follows all safety precautions and delivers the baby home.

In addition to receiving all necessary nursing training, a nurse-midwife must study obstetrics, which encompasses pregnancy and childbirth. Specific courses must be completed, as well as a license obtained, to become a licensed midwife. This is on of the Highest paying nursing jobs in California.

A nurse-midwife can earn over $105,000 with the requisite qualifications and experience.

9. Clinical Nurse Specialist

In addition to her conventional nursing degrees, a clinical nurse specialist has additional certifications. The additional certification demonstrates that the nurse has acquired further training and possesses specific competencies required to be proficient in a specialty field.


This might be pediatrics, orthopedics, or any other specialty that requires exceptional clinical ability. Clinical nurse practitioners educate their patients while still providing high-quality care. Clinical care professionals can prescribe medications if they complete further training.

The average annual salary for a clinical nurse specialist is roughly $108,000.

10. Pediatric Nurse

Pediatric nurses have nursing degrees and have passed state licensing tests. To become a pediatric nurse, a candidate must undergo specialized training in the care of preemies, neonates, infants, and children.

A pediatric nurse’s role is to work with patients from birth to around 16 years of age. Pediatric nurses can be found in doctor’s offices, pediatric hospitals, and other facilities providing children’s health care. These nurses must attend continuing education each year to keep their state licenses active.


Pediatric nurses can take advantage of new opportunities if they continue in the industry, with a median annual compensation of roughly $107,000.

Which Nursing Job is in the Highest Demand in California?

NICU nursing is a high-demand profession and a gratifying career choice for prospective nurses who enjoy caring for infants to improve their health and get them home. The average salary of neonatal nurses in California is $43 per hour or $83,263 annually.


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