10 Best Hockey Boarding Schools in USA (2024)

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Attending any of the best hockey boarding schools in the USA is a good starting point for American students who want to be high-profile hockey players.

Hockey boarding schools in the United States are the best in the world right now, for this reason.

This post provides a summary of hockey boarding schools in the United States to assist you in making the right decisions for your child.

What is hockey?

Hockey is a global sport whose origins can be traced back to Egypt, where a diagram resembling hockey was discovered in a 400-year-old Egyptian tomb.

Despite having been played for centuries in India and Pakistan, the repurposed hockey game that is now played was modernized by England.

Ice hockey is the fourth-most popular sport in the United States. Famous hockey players in the United States began their careers by joining prep hockey schools, which were mostly boarding schools.

As a result, if you have a child who enjoys sports and has expressed a large passion for ice or field hockey, a hockey boarding school is an excellent way to motivate that child.

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What is a hockey school?

A hockey school is a type of academy where the ice-bound game features prominently. They work hard to develop talented youngsters into even higher positions with the utmost hope of securing them into the NHL. These are essentially schools intended for the best players in their respective areas.

Several hockey schools offer a full educational system to their students, so they function similarly to regular academic institutions, although with a stronger focus on hockey.

Students take some of the same lessons as their colleagues, but they will also take hockey-specific training and practice for several hours per day.

How Much Does an Ice Hockey Boarding School in the USA Cost?

Tuition at hockey boarding schools usually varies from $9,600 to even more than $90,000 annually.

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Private boarding schools in America are generally expensive. This, notwithstanding, is dependent on your spending plan.

Many public boarding schools across the nation cost less than $20,000 per year. These, then, are among the most affordable options available. Citizens of the United States may pay as much as $56,875 every year on average.

Why Should You Consider a Hockey Boarding School in the USA?

When a child wants to participate in hockey, it is critical to nurture that child from the start. In fact, there are lots of advantages to joining a boarding school.

Going to a hockey boarding school in the United States is undoubtedly the best choice if you really want your child to receive a customary and universally recognized education.

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Children also learn to handle themselves away from family and friends, to be socially responsible, and to succeed academically in distraction-free surroundings.

How Do You Choose the Right Hockey Boarding School for Your Child?

You are essentially selecting two options simultaneously. One is high-quality educational coursework that will prepare you for university.

Furthermore, you are creating a positive atmosphere for you to feel at ease while also studying. Ultimately, you should select an education system that combines academics and sports in order to produce academically fit, renowned hockey players.

In summary, take this into consideration when selecting which of the hockey boarding schools is best for you:

  • The school’s acceptance rate
  • What happens to boarding school graduates?
  • The student-to-teacher ratio
  • Is it a combination of academics and hockey training?
  • How much does it cost to attend such a boarding school?
  • Is there financial assistance available?
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What are the best boarding schools for hockey in the USA?

This post is a publicized analysis of the best boarding schools in the United States, which will relieve you of the frustration of conducting research on the best schools for your ward.

Though all you may have to do is place your necessities effectively, pick a good school that fulfills your child’s necessities from the list below. Then, go to the school to submit an application.

Keep in mind that these hockey boarding schools in the USA weren’t really listed according to any specific criteria but rather based on their acceptance rate.

  • Phillips Andover
  • Cushing Academy.
  • Noble and Greenough School
  • Amerigo, New Jersey, Red Bank Catholic High School.
  • Ashbury College.
  • Deerfield Academy.
  • The Taft School.
  • Asheville Schoo.
  • The Bement School.
  • Berkshire School.
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1. Phillips Andover

First, on our list of top hockey boarding schools in the USA, this all-girl school regularly attracts scouts from NESCAC, Ivy League, ECAC, and Hockey East teams.

Being one of the oldest existing girls’ high schools in America, its hockey girls’ curriculum has become an effective legacy.

Its remarkable graduates include Chris Kreider, Cory Schneider, and Garnet Hathaway, and it has a 13% acceptance rate at a cost of $53,900.

2. Deerfield Academy

This hockey school in New England charges students in grades 9–12 $58,050 for an ever-changing education system. Courses are typically held in small teams, with a mean classroom size of 12 students.

Essentially, the Deerfield education-hockey curriculum has not only resulted in 30 commitments to two major leagues in the last eight years, but it is the best shot for students interested in attending an Ivy League or NESCAC school.

3. The Taft School

Taft School has had a boys’ hockey team since 1890. With 600 students, this institution consistently ranks first in the top 20 hockey prep school rankings.

Essentially, the school combines academic and athletic excellence into a single curriculum. This hockey school is ideal for your child who wants to improve their individual skills.

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Interestingly, hockey at Taft can be played by a student-athlete who aspires to play at all levels, from recreational to professional.

4. Noble and Greenough School

Noble is one of the best hockey high schools in Massachusetts, having been ranked 18th best prep school in the United States by Forbes in 2010. Its boarding services are available to students in grades 9–12 for $56,000 per year, with a 24 percent acceptance rate.

It also offers college prep classes in small class sizes, with an average class size of 12 and a student-to-teacher ratio of 6:1.

Nobles, with its 134 faculty members, provides a comprehensive academic and athletic curriculum.

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It attracts high-profile prospects from all over the world as one of the best ice hockey boarding schools in New England.

5. The Salisbury School

Between 2013 and 2015, this New England prep school hockey team won three New England championships in a row.

It provides a college preparatory boarding school for boys in grades 9 through 12. But apart from an outstanding educational syllabus and strong hockey training athletic teams, the school seeks to train and develop gentlemen who are confident, feisty, curious, and dedicated.

Mark Arcobello, Paul Carey, and Alex Biega are among its most notable alumni.

6. Avon Old Farms

Its college-prep education system is taught in a tiny class setting with a teacher-student ratio of 1:6.

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Its hockey team has also won eight Division 1 New England championships. The legendary team led by coach John Gardner won the championship five times between 2004 and 2010.

Brian Leetch, Jonathan Quick, Nick Bonino, Cam Atkinson, and Spencer Knight are among its notable hockey alumni.

7. Cushing Academy

Cushing is a corporate coed boarding school in Ashburnham, Massachusetts, with a 65% acceptance rate.

It has a long history of hockey success. As a result, it could pass for a hockey prep school. With Steve Jacobs as the director of the hockey sports team, this is clearly one of the best boarding hockey schools in the United States.

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With an average class size of 12 students and a teacher-to-student ratio of 1:8, the Cushing Academy Penguins have won the New England Championship twice.

8. Culver Military Academy

This hockey preparatory school in Indiana is regarded as one of the best in the country.

It provides boarding services to both boys and girls with the sole purpose of developing leading figures and productive members of society.

Its college prep course is taught in classes of 12 students, which is about average. The school has produced 26 NHL draft picks over the years.

9.  Belmont Hill School

Essentially, the school provides boarding services for boys in grades 9 through 12. Its primary goal is to inspire and challenge students to discover and pursue a passion.

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Students strive for excellence in both academics and hockey training as a result of this. Ken Martin used to attend this school. A high school hockey coach in Massachusetts who has won 707 games in 39 seasons.

This school is one of the best hockey schools, as evidenced by data and testimonials.

10. Shattuck-St. Mary’s

It is a Christian school in Minnesota that has over seven hockey teams and serves over 449 students. It essentially provides hockey training for both girls and boys at an average cost of $52,750.

Its college-prep course structure is available in small classes with a student-to-teacher ratio of 7:1.

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Irrespective of its position on our list of the best hockey boarding schools in the USA, this prep school is known for consistently producing high-caliber hockey players.

What is the hardest hockey boarding school to get into?

Phillips Andover is the most difficult hockey boarding school in the United States to get into. It has the lowest acceptance rate of 13%. As a result, admission is highly competitive.

Are hockey schools worth it?

If attending a leading educational academy and enjoying inline hockey at its best stage is the solution, boarding schools are certainly worth considering.

However, if the targets are more moderate and inexpensive, both in aspects of hockey and academics, the annual tuition of many hockey boarding schools may not be worth it.

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