10 Highest Paying Data Analyst Jobs in UK (2024)

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In the field of data analytics, questions have been asked regarding the highest-paying data analyst jobs and their salary in the UK, which reflects the growing significance of this role within organizations.

Data analysts leverage mathematical and analytical methods to enhance data-driven business decisions. As businesses witness a continuous influx of data, the need for skilled data analysts to process and interpret it is on the rise.


These professionals are typically well compensated for their valuable skills. In this article, we will talk about the 10 highest-paying data analyst jobs in the UK and how to earn more as a data analyst.

What does a data analyst do?

Today’s businesses are completely driven by data, which governs every decision across every function.

From deciding which customers to target to identifying ways to reduce waste in the business, managers need to access timely, accurate, and rich data upon which they can steer the business.


Everyone in a business needs data, but not everyone is completely data literate.

  • Marketers need to understand how touchpoints with their users are attributed to figure out which channels and campaigns are working best.
  • Product designers need to know where the digital experience they’ve built is working and where people are dropping off in order to make improvements.
  • Leaders and the C-suite need to understand performance metrics in order to make key business decisions.
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However, these individuals may not be the best at looking at a spreadsheet full of raw data and extracting the insights they need. That’s where data analysts come in.

Data analysts work with each business function to provide vital data.

  • The job certainly involves looking at the numbers, but data analysts take things further and know how to use data that allows organizations to make informed choices. 
  • This might include producing reports, visualizations, summaries, and other methods of data presentation that bring raw numbers to life and provide context and insight. 
  • These roles are already greatly in demand, and the field is growing fast as businesses deal with increasing volumes of data and have to find ways to manage and organize it.
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What is the average salary of a data analyst in the UK?

The average salary for a data analyst in the UK is currently around £28,750 for an entry-level job, and salaries can rise very fast with progression and experience.

Data analysts with a degree earn from £29,000 in their first role on average, and those at entry-level but without a degree usually start at around £24,000.


Data analysts are in high demand as the field is growing rapidly, and analysts working for a big firm are usually earning around £35,000 after just a few years.

Once you’ve got a few years of experience under your belt, a good data analyst can earn, on average, around £60,000, which is comparable to consulting roles in the field.

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If you’re outside of London, even though remote work is evening out the playing field, the company’s location will greatly influence the salary on offer. Data analysts working in the South of England can expect to earn more than those elsewhere.

Across the UK, larger cities will most likely be offering higher compensation, but the cost of living is also likely to be higher in rural areas.

You’ll have to do the math to figure out whether the salary a company is offering can support your lifestyle—luckily, data analysts are pretty good with numbers!


And in such a well-paying field, you shouldn’t have to tighten your purse strings anyway. Now let’s look at the highest-paying data analyst jobs in the UK.

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10 Highest Paying Data Analyst Jobs in UK 2024

1. Quantitative analyst

One of the highest-paying data analyst jobs in the UK is that of a quantitative analyst. They often use math to evaluate financial risks and statistical models to determine how initiatives can impact a company’s operations over time.

To examine complex problems, quantitative analysts build computer simulations as part of their work. They typically have graduate degrees in programming or mathematics, which gives them the knowledge to provide practical solutions to companies.

National average salary: £84,199 per year

2. Data warehouse architect

Data warehouse architects create and upgrade the software to maintain data warehouses. A data warehouse is a data management system that corporations use to store huge amounts of information.


These experts may have previously worked as data analysts since data warehouses are a prominent instrument in data analytics. They also can make programs that enable users to explore and evaluate the data in these systems

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National average salary: £60,544 per year

3. Data engineer

Data engineers are also one of the highest-paying data analyst jobs in the UK. They create systems to manage business information.

These engineers contribute to building databases, data warehouses, and data lakes that offer information solutions to large businesses that gather a lot of data.

For businesses that want quick access to their data, data engineers can also develop software and other digital tools to help. For instance, they can make software to organize and analyze massive amounts of data automatically.


National average salary: £60,507 per year

4. Data scientist

Data scientists collaborate closely with corporate business leaders. They gather, examine, and analyze data before delivering their conclusions to the appropriate person.

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Data scientists advise organizations and assist them in making better decisions based on the trends found in their findings.

National average salary: £50,434 per year

5. Software engineer

Software engineers create computer systems and various programs. They use data analytics to organize and analyze datasets.


These professionals also produce digital solutions for businesses that need online tools. They can work in various industries. Software engineers might work as independent contractors or as employees of larger organizations.

National average salary: £49,020 per year

6. Database administrator

Database administrators maintain and control a database’s integrity. They perform these duties in collaboration with other developers working at the company.

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They can create software and tools for their colleagues to use that help them evaluate large amounts of data efficiently.

Investment firms often employ database administrators because they work with copious amounts of financial and investment data to make their decisions.


National average salary: £47,045 per year

7. SQL developer

Another high-paying data analyst job in the UK is that of a professional programmer. They use a structured query language known as SQL.

This programming language enables experts to perform administrative database tasks. Typically, SQL developers create the code businesses use to search their databases.

They can also create software for colleagues who perform analysis, such as programs for classifying data by particular standards. While some SQL developers work for a data management organization, others are independent contractors.

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National average salary: £46,542 per year


8. Business analyst

Business analysts often contribute to increasing a company’s profitability. They meet with the company’s management team to examine their data and identify wasteful practices.

Business analysts can work as independent contractors who assist small businesses or as partners in larger consulting firms interacting with large enterprises.

Business analysts spend a lot of time investigating and analyzing corporate data to produce reports to boost earnings.

National average salary: £44,688 per year

9. Database developer

Database developers create digital systems that organize, classify, and analyze various data. These professionals are skilled programmers who can make unique programs that integrate with a company’s database system.


They can also create software that streamlines the time-consuming data research process for all staff members.

National average salary: £41,551 per year

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10. Technical recruit

A technical recruiter works in a company’s human resources division and manages applications from candidates applying for technical positions.

Organizations may not refer to them as technical recruiters if they work for a technology firm, where they may have a more general title.

Since these specialists interact with people and perform character evaluations during the hiring process, the job usually requires strong communication skills.


National average salary: £39,372 per year

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How to Earn More as a Data Analyst in the UK

Gaining additional qualifications and putting in years of work are assured routes to earning more as a data analyst. However, in the UK, there are many other ways to earn a higher wage.

Work more hours or non-standard hours

You will earn more if you work full-time instead of part-time.

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Overtime will increase your total hours, and some employers offer a higher hourly rate for overtime, mainly if the hours are during undesirable times, such as in the evening, night, or weekend.


If shift work is a possibility, then you should expect a higher hourly rate.

Choose a Data Analyst job where salary is linked to performance

Choosing an employer that pays a commission or a performance bonus can significantly raise your annual compensation.

A busy role is a key to success here, so you might need to find an inner-city employer to maximize your earning potential.

If you have reached your salary pinnacle as a data analyst, it may be time to look at related roles. You will likely have gained the experience you need to shift your career direction or consider working as a freelancer or consultant.

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Ask your employer for a raise

Asking your employer for a raise can seem daunting. Before you start a salary conversation, consider why you deserve a pay raise.


Evidence is vital and persuasive, so it helps to collate performance figures, certificates, recognition, and awards.


Exploring the realm of data analysis and the highest-paying data analyst jobs in the UK reveals a landscape rich with opportunities and competitive salaries.

As we have discussed the 10 highest-paying positions, it’s evident that this field is not just about crunching numbers—it’s about transforming data into actionable insights that drive business success.

So, whether you’re a seasoned data pro or just embarking on a career path, the world of data analytics in the UK is ripe with potential. Keep an eye on these top-paying roles and stay updated on industry trends.

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