10 Highest Paying Nursing Jobs in Canada (2024)

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Nursing jobs are very lucrative and promising at this current time. If you have a nursing degree and reside in Canada, there are many of the highest-paying nursing jobs in Canada you can consider.

Nursing is essential to the clinical sector, providing patients with supplemental and primary care. Nurses can work in a variety of environments and pursue lucrative career options.


Learning more about nursing careers will help you decide if nursing is your right career path.

In this article, we talk about what a nurse does and spotlight the highest-paying nursing jobs in Canada, along with their regular responsibilities and salaries.


What does a nurse do?

A nurse is a qualified health professional who provides patient care in various scientific settings. Nurses work in hospitals, outpatient clinics, health practitioners’ offices, army posts, campuses, and other vital workplaces.

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Registered nurses supervise medical facilities and provide patient care in specific companies, schools, and workplaces.


In larger scientific institutions, nurses work with medical doctors, clinical technicians, and pharmacists to care for their patients. Nursing is a fast-paced, traumatic vocation, but caring for needy people can be rewarding.

While performing their jobs, nurses must possess a variety of technical and tender qualities. A nurse, for example, must be familiar with CPR, first aid, and how to deliver intravenous capsules.

They also gain from developing soft skills such as communication, leadership, warfare control, and customer service while engaging with patients and other medical professionals.

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Nurses can advance their careers in areas such as health center management and policymaking, and some pursue professions in academia or research.

The Highest paying Nursing Jobs in Canada

Below are the top-paying nursing jobs in Canada.

  • Cardiac nurse practitioner
  • Oncology nurse practitioner
  • Nurse midwife
  • Psychiatric nurse
  • Emergency Nurse
  • Critical Care Nurse
  • Critical Care Pediatric Nurse
  • Community Health Nurse
  • Cardiovascular Nurse
  • Enterostomal Therapy Nurse

1.  Cardiac Nurse Practitioner

Cardiac nurse practitioners work alongside surgeons, doctors, and other health professionals to treat patients with coronary heart disease.


They examine patients’ hearts and do diagnostic scans and lab testing. They also show the patient’s vital signs at some point throughout treatment to ensure they respond as planned.

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Exams or certifications are required in certain jurisdictions for registered nurses to become cardiac nurse practitioners.

2.  Oncology Nurse Practitioner

Oncology nurses work alongside oncologists, doctors, and other scientific specialists to treat cancer patients. They conduct various tests, including scans, blood, and urine testing. Furthermore, oncology nurses frequently help deliver most cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy and intravenous therapy.

They also show patients’ vital signs and symptoms to verify they respond to treatment and promote healthy lifestyle recommendations.

3.  Nurse Midwife

Midwives receive training to do childbirth deliveries for their patients. Before practicing, they usually need to complete specialized training at a certified midwifery school. Before becoming a midwife, several jurisdictions have licensure and certification requirements.

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Midwives offer pre- and post-delivery remedies to ease childbirth, help mothers recover, and offer remedies and counseling to mothers during delivery. Their responsibilities may also increase the importance of providing mothers and newborns with scientific advice on vitamins and cleanliness.


4.  Psychiatric Nurse

Psychiatric nurses care for patients who have intellectual or psychological problems. They frequently work in hospitals, psychiatric facilities, or rehabilitation centers. A psychiatric nurse’s job is to provide patients with physical, mental, and emotional care. Employers usually require advanced education, credentials, or discipline to work in mental care.

5. Emergency Nurse

Emergency nurses work in high-stress environments, such as emergency rooms and departments. They also work with patients in ambulatory care centers, army bases, and conflict zones.

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Emergency nurses are trained to handle every emergency, including examination, diagnosis, stabilization, and resuscitation. Trauma and life-threatening injuries or conditions require immediate care, which emergency nurses are trained to provide.

As a result, these nurses learn how to assess a situation and make quick decisions. These nurses are not the same as urgent care nurses, who address non-lifestyle-threatening situations. Instead, emergency nurses work to stabilize a patient until they may be transferred to a critical care unit or an operating room if immediate surgery is required.

6. Critical Care Nurse

Anyone over the age of 18 who has a severe condition is treated by a critical care nurse. Critical care nurses, like critical care pediatric nurses, provide long-term or short-term care according to the patient’s needs. They may even act as a go-between for the patient, their family, and a doctor or surgeon.

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A critical care nurse is typically stationed in intensive care or trauma units and regularly looks after patients in the emergency room or operating room. Patients will leave the emergency or surgery room after being more stable and remaining in critical care until they recover.


7. Critical Care Pediatric Nurse

A critical care pediatric nurse watches over children that require medical attention. This type of nurse will treat any child aged 0 to 17 who is seriously ill and requires considerable care.

These nurses can care for children with serious illnesses, recovering from an accident, or receiving surgical treatment. Critical care nurses provide long-term or short-term care, depending on the child’s situation.

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8. Community Health Nurse

Community health nurses are more directly connected to the network than many hospital nurses. They can assist in strategic locations such as hospitals, colleges, or patients’ homes.

Education is another common job for those nurses. While they treat illnesses and ailments, they can also educate patients on how to avoid similar problems. They sometimes try to combat obesity, substance misuse, or sexually transmitted diseases.

Because of the nature of the procedure, community health nursing is one of the highest-paying nursing jobs in Canada, second only to cardiovascular nursing.

9. Cardiovascular Nurse

Adult cardiovascular patients will be cared for by a cardiovascular nurse. Because cardiovascular refers to a disorder involving the coronary heart, many nurses care for patients who have acute or chronic heart problems. They also occasionally assist cardiac surgeons during heart surgery.


A cardiovascular nurse is frequently involved in caring for and rehabilitating patients following an incident, such as a heart attack. They may also use defibrillators to resuscitate if a patient goes into cardiac arrest.

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10. Enterostomal Therapy Nurse

An enterostomal therapy (ET) nurse receives significant training to heal open wounds and stomas. Stomas are natural or artificial holes in the body.

ET nurses also provide education and rehabilitation to help patients get back on their feet after an ostomy procedure. With all this expertise, being an ET nurse is one of the highest-paying nursing jobs in Canada.

What type of nurse is most in demand in Canada?

Today, registered nurses (RNs) with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing are in high demand by healthcare facilities worldwide.

Although these nurses do not specialize, their adaptability makes them appealing. RNs can easily cover a couple of locations when healthcare personnel is scarce, especially when there is a shortage of nurses.

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RNs who desire to move quickly into a more specialized position can easily do so. Though they may occasionally desire additional training or study, it is easier for an RN to change their professional path.


RNs can become specialty nurses in this manner so that even during a shortage, an RN can provide sufficient support for people needing particular care.

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