10 Best Hockey High Schools in USA (Boys and Girls)


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Hockey is now a recognized sport on a global scale and a respectable vocation; gone are the days when it was merely a fun sport. For this, several hockey high schools have been established over the years to encourage more training.

Some of these schools, which we’ve highlighted below, will begin teaching your children at a young age how to be skilled and, most importantly, successful.

You may want to register your kid in one of the finest hockey schools, even if they decide to pursue a different professional path, so they can experience what it’s like to follow a dream.

What distinguishes ice hockey from field hockey?

Of course, we all know that hockey involves hitting a small, cylindrical ball with a specialized stick. But did you know that hockey has two forms, namely, ice hockey and field hockey?


The main difference between ice hockey and field hockey is how they are conducted, how many players there are, where they are performed, and what equipment is used. The purpose of both sports is to put the ball in the opposing goal.

Therefore, here are a few of the things that differentiate these two games:

  • Ice hockey is done on ice, whereas field hockey is done on a surface like gravel, grassland, or synthetic grass.
  • Twenty players participate in ice hockey, and six of them will be on the ice at once. If there are no penalties, there are five players on the ice, including the goalie. There are sixteen players, however, on a field hockey team, with eleven on the field at once. In contrast to ice hockey, nobody is the goalkeeper.
  • Many pieces of safety gear are used in ice hockey, such as shin guards, pads, reinforced leggings, headgear, and gloves. In contrast, field hockey requires less protective equipment, and some players may choose to wear shin pads and goggles.
  • The size of the field utilized for field hockey is double that of the ice field. Additionally, compared to ice hockey, field hockey has a larger goal.
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Now that we know these differences, let’s take a look at what hockey high schools are all about.

What are hockey high schools?

For students in grades 9 through 12, hockey high schools serve as hockey career preparation programs. They are typically co-educational, which means that anyone may attend.


The main goal of hockey schools is to develop young players’ hockey skills. As a result, they have teams that compete in championships as well as their own facilities.

Day hockey high schools still exist, despite the fact that the majority of these institutions are boarding schools.

Is going to a hockey high school worth it?

Mentors who believe a young hockey player has potential might think about enrolling him in a preparatory school to help him enhance his skills.

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You’re probably wondering why that is necessary, right? Well, maybe these two reasons should tell you why hockey high schools are worth it.


International attention is usually given to hockey schools. This is especially advantageous for those who want to play hockey professionally full-time.

In addition, these hockey high schools typically have their own ice rinks, unlike conventional schools. This enables the pupils to practice for extended periods of time, including on weekends.

10 Best Hockey High Schools In USA 2024

Now that we’ve got the basic questions out of the way, let’s go through some of the best picks for you to choose from. These are some of the best hockey high schools in the USA that have been ranked based on several grounds and conditions:

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1. Avon Old Farms School (Boys)

Being the top hockey program in New England and the Northern United States that offers both day and boarding schools for sports, it has consistently shown its capacity to generate great teams and excellent player development.


It is important to note that they also have excellent amenities.

This group is coached by the esteemed John Gardner, and it has won nine Founder’s League titles in addition to eight Division 1 New England Championships, along with five between 2004 and 2010.

2. Taft Athletics School (boys)

The Taft Athletic School is a private high school offering hockey preparatory courses in Watertown, Connecticut, in the United States.

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Surprisingly, hockey has reportedly been practiced at this esteemed college since it opened in 1890. Therefore, In 1950, reports have it that they had the first indoor ice surface.


3. Phillips Academy Andover (Both Gender)

This 1776-founded private school for hockey in the USA includes male and female divisions. One of the oldest high school girls‘ hockey programs in the nation, Phillips Academy’s program has a strong track record.

The schools also have an official website for athletics, so any applying students can find out more about the school.

In addition to being one of the top high schools for hockey, admission is not too difficult for aspirants.

4. Deerfield Academy (Both Gender)

Consider Deerfield Academy if you want to go to an Ivy League or NESCAC institution since, during the past eight years, the school’s academic and hockey programs have resulted in approximately 30 commits to those two leagues.


Deerfield’s culture has been centered around hockey ever since the program’s first season in 1922.

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Moreover, in order to win the 2016 Flood-Marr, Deerfield had to defeat Nobles, KUA, and Milton. More interestingly, the girls’ squad also won the 2001 New England Division I Championship.

5. Culver Athletics (Both Gender)

The Culver Military Academy hockey team, which has been around for 32 years, has produced 148 collegiate players, along with 70 at the Division I level, 22 National Hockey League draft picks, and 20 state titles.

The Culver Military Academy also accepts non-military people to their ice hockey schools within the Culver Athletics official website.


Jean-Michael Liles, Ryan Suter, and Gary Suter are just a few of its prominent alums.

6. Noble and Greenough School (Both Gender)

Nobles has teams at every level, including varsity, JV, and middle school co-ed teams in addition to the female team, so whether you are an expert hockey player or you’re unfamiliar with the sport, Nobles has a team for you.

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Nobles’ tuition last academic year was more than $50,000; however, despite the fact that the majority of its students are from Massachusetts, numerous high-profile candidates from other parts of the state enroll owing to the school’s stunning campus and world-class sporting facilities.

7. Cushing Academy (Both Gender)

In essence, Cushing has served students in grades 9 through 12 as a co-educational boarding and day institution since 1865.


On our ranking, this hockey-themed school is among the best. It has received recognition on a national level as well as from the prep school ice hockey association of New England, of which it is a part.

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They have also created an official page for the athletes. You can use the buttons below to check and apply.

8. Choate Rosemary (Both Gender)

Children from the ninth grade through grad school can prepare for hockey at Choate Rosemary, a boarding and day school.

Boys Varsity Ice Hockey or Boys J.V. Ice Hockey are the teams you can enter at this hockey high school to play in the boy’s ice hockey games.


Girls Varsity Ice Hockey or Girls J.V. Ice Hockey would be the team you join if you are a girls who want to play in the girls ice hockey games

9. The Salisbury School

The Salisbury School is a private, all-boys college-preparatory institution in Connecticut that was established in 1901.

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It appears that this hockey prep school squad has a record of 26 victories and only four losses. Overall, five New England Division I Championships have been won by it.

10. Shattuck St. Mary

Its arena is always available to the hockey students at St. Mary for use during practices and competitions. Geothermal technology is used to continuously maintain high-quality ice at the 600-seat New Rink.


This renowned USA hockey high school’s New Rink, which is linked to The Barn, the lockers, and the training area, is just the spot to be on game night.

How much does it cost to attend hockey high schools in the USA?

When it comes to how much the tuition at the schools is, it all comes down to several factors. And as always, the tuition range will vary among several schools as they are all situated in different parts of the country with different capabilities.

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However, we have done some research and found out the range for some of the best hockey high schools we listed above.

From our analysis, hockey school tuition can range from as low as $19,075 to as high as $49,798. Nonetheless, there are some expensive schools that may cost way above $50,000.


Therefore, it’s up to you to make your decision based on your financial capabilities and the value expected in return.

Do hockey schools offer financial aid to high school students?

Oh yes, sure, some of these schools tend to have high tuition, but it is encouraging to know that aid is made available. These aids come in different forms and are based on different criteria, varying from school to school.

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However, each institution offers financial aid to high school students who can prove they have a need for it, including merit scholarships. In the USA, high school hockey players can win a lot of prizes. But some of these prizes are reserved for elders and the like.

Hockey schools offer opportunities for pupils to win some of the best high school awards in the USA.



These hockey high schools are unquestionably worthwhile options to take into account if your objective is to attend a prestigious educational institution while playing inline hockey at the highest level.

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