Cheap Diploma Courses in Canada for International Students

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If you really want to obtain a diploma in Canada but can’t afford it, check out this list of cheap diploma courses in Canada for international students.

You might also find something that captivates your interest, and information on how to sign up for each of the diploma courses is available to assist you in starting.


So keep reading to get more info on the cheapest diploma courses in Canada for international students and their school portal link if you wish to apply.

What is a diploma course in Canada?

Diploma Courses in Canada

A diploma is a certificate issued by an institution of higher education, such as an occupational and training institution, public universities, or some colleges, to demonstrate that a student has finished a degree course.

You can sign up at some excellent vocational schools in Canada too, even as an international student. It also demonstrates that you are knowledgeable in a specific field.


You can use your diploma to boost your job prospects by including it on your resume and demonstrating your skillset to possible clients.

To finalize and obtain a diploma, it normally takes 12 to 18 months of full-time study.

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Are diplomas in Canada worth it?

Receiving a diploma course in Canada is quite valuable, and you’ve probably got several reasons to consider doing so.

Acquiring your diploma in Canada instantly puts you ahead in the labor market, and HR professionals in each and every institution will acknowledge it.

What is the cost of diploma courses in Canada?

In Canada today, the cost of obtaining a diploma course certification varies between C$12,000 and C$35,000.


University charges to acquire a diploma at a Canadian academic facility will typically vary depending on the school in question.

So you’ll need to consult your school to learn the true price needed to pass your diploma at that specific school.

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Which is the cheapest diploma in Canada?

Although there are a lot of cheap diploma courses in Canada, Mennonite University happens to be the cheapest, based on certain research.

Mennonite University has at least the least expensive diploma course in Canada for foreign students.

approximately C$10,000 for undergraduate students and $7,680 for graduates who wish to acquire a diploma.


9 Cheap Diploma Courses in Canada for International Students

So now, without any more hesitation, let us talk about the low-cost diploma programs in Canada for foreign students.

The following is a list and description of the ten cheapest diploma courses in Canada for international students, presented in no specific sequence.

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1. Nursing Practice in Canada at Langara College

Langara College’s Nursing Practice is one of the most affordable diploma programs in Canada for international students. It costs about $590 per credit.

This degree is to better equip Internationally Educated Nurses (IEN) for nurse licensing and nursing practice job roles.

Participation in this scheme will, however, help you improve your analytical reasoning, clinical decision-making, strategic planning, communication skills, and respect for people in the medical field.


It, however, takes two years to complete this diploma course.

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2. Human Service Diploma at North Island College

North Island College’s Human Service Diploma got a spot on our list of inexpensive diploma courses in Canada for international students owing to its poor or low tuition fee. The annual cost is $22,140.

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The course will prepare you to operate in human service agencies that provide public support, support programs, welfare care, and psychosocial interventions.

Reaching the demands of the English test by bypassing the IELTS, TOEFL, or CAEL with just an aggregate score of 80, 6.0, or 60 during the last two years is one of the prerequisites.

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3. Designing for Fashion Diploma at Toronto Film School

The Toronto Film School’s Fashion Design Diploma is designed for aspiring fashion designers who choose to advance their careers in the fashion industry.


It will train you on how to design and build clothing items for yourself, friends, and eventually the consumer.

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This diploma is, therefore, one of the most affordable diploma programs in Canada for international students, with a tuition of $15,360.

The only admission requirement is to write a 300–500 word article about your favorite designer and then pay a $100 processing fee.

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3. Fine Arts Diploma at North Island College

This program lasts two years and is available both on-campus and online. Entry requirements include English language proficiency, a portfolio of jobs, and a handwritten letter.
North Island College’s Fine Arts Diploma made this list of cheap diploma courses in Canada for international students thanks to its low tuition fee. The annual cost is $14,045.

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4. Certificate in Construction Management at Centennial College

Centennial College offers a Certificate in Construction Management, which also takes one year to complete and is one of the cheapest diploma courses in Canada for international students.


To give you a complete degree in construction and project management, the program also includes skills in moral issues, litigation, and environmentally sustainable projects.

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Proof of English proficiency, a summary or resume, and a college or university degree in architectural, engineering, or construction-related equivalent are all required for admission. The two-semester tuition fee is C$11,400.

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5. Dental Hygiene at Fanshawe College

Students who complete the diploma course will, however, be prepared to work as primary oral medical providers in diverse settings, including general practice, education, public health, and scientific studies.

Because the diploma is in the field of health care, it will take three years of full-time study to complete. The annual tuition fee is C$7,596.

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6. Horticulture Technology at Kwantlen Polytechnic University

It is one of the moderate diploma programs in Canada for international students that trains students on how to use the technologies used on a daily basis in the company. It also necessitates two years of full-time study.


This program has a tuition fee of $46.98 per credit.

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7. Journalism at St. Clair College of Applied Arts & Technology

You can be considered for enrollment in this program if you have a strong command of the English language and creative writing skills, and you will graduate as an expert reporter with real work experience for the 21st-century newsroom.

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Students will gain cutting-edge knowledge and skills, making them extremely marketable across all platforms, as a result of the diploma.

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8. Culinary Skills at Centennial College

If food is a passion of yours, or if you’re already working in the industry and want to advance your career and become one of the top restaurants, you should consider enrolling in this program.

Centennial College’s Culinary Skills program is one of the most affordable diploma programs in Canada for international students. For a small fee, you can learn world-class culinary skills.


The curriculum is, however, well-rounded and will be completed in one year with only two semesters and a tuition fee of $14,502.50.

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9. Diploma in Cybersecurity Specialist Co-op at Toronto School of Management

This is one of the most affordable diplomas in Canada for international students, with a completion time of 51 weeks. It is designed for students who want to gain in-demand skills and specialized knowledge in all aspects of cyber security.

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Blockchain, risk management, big data, and IoT (Internet of Things) are among the topics covered, as are preparing you for future career opportunities.

A strong command of the English language is required, with an average IELTS score of 5.5 or equivalent, as well as a transcript, diploma, or certificate from another country that is equivalent to an Ontario high school diploma if assessed by a recognized assessment service.

International students pay C$10,995 as tuition.

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Those were the cheapest diploma courses in Canada for international students.

Information as well as application links for each diploma course have indeed been made available to assist you in gaining admission and knowledge that will enable you to begin your professional life.

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