Best Hockey Prep Schools in Canada 2024


Anyone hoping to have a career in hockey must, therefore, consider prep schools, which are best offered in Canada


Prep schools are very vital and essential to the growth of any individual who wishes to become a professional hockey player someday.

These schools take their time to train their students on all they need to know about the hockey game while also maintaining a good academic reputation.

Therefore, if you feel interested in attending any of these schools, here is a list of some of the best hockey prep schools in Canada.

But first, let’s get to understand what exactly hockey prep schools are and why we feel they are of utmost importance in the hockey career.

What are hockey prep schools?

Hockey prep schools are exclusive institutions that emphasize studies as well as hockey expertise. These schools provide high-level hockey lessons that equip pupils for tough competition and, possibly, a subsequent profession in hockey.

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These schools’ hockey activities often involve regular matches, rehearsals, and off-ice tutorials, and they are directed by qualified trainers with solid roots in hockey.

They are, however, typically found in hockey-heavy areas like the provinces of Quebec and Ontario, as well as British Columbia in Canada. But they end up drawing individuals from around the globe who are keen on pursuing both their studies and hockey ambitions.

These institutions can be a fantastic option for individuals who are passionate about hockey and desire advanced coaching as well as a solid academic background.

Are hockey prep schools worth it in Canada?

Hockey prep schools are simply academic centres that help kids build their hockey skills while maintaining a good academic reputation.

These schools, therefore, offer a demanding academic curriculum alongside their hockey training. Personal coaching and mentoring are provided to learners to guarantee that they excel on and off the hockey diamond.

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They also provide a wide range of extracurricular events to assist pupils in developing balanced abilities. So yes, it is safe to conclude that hockey prep schools in Canada are worth it.

How many hockey prep schools are in Canada?

There are numerous hockey prep schools in Canada, notably in popular ice hockey areas such as Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia.

This is because, among the several countries in the world known to be able to host hockey games, Canada is the most renowned of them.

Hence, you have a lot of schools to pick from, but mind you, some of them are currently inactive. Nonetheless, here are the best hockey prep schools in Canada that are still functional and have good reviews.

8 Best Hockey prep schools in Canada

In this section of the article, we’ll be looking into the eight schools we compiled based on research as the best prep schools in Canada.

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Take note that some of these schools are here because of the reviews they got over the years from past students and parents.

  • Banff Hockey Academy
  • Bishop’s College, Lenoxville, Quebec
  • Ridley College Hockey
  • Rothesay-Nether wood school, Brunswick
  • Varsity Boys Hockey: Stanstead college, Quebec
  • Okanagan Hockey Academy
  • Ontario Hockey Academy
  • King’s Height Academy Hockey

1. Banff Hockey Academy

First on our list of hockey prep schools in Canada is the Banff Hockey Academy, formed in 1995 in Banff, Alberta, Canada.

The Banff Hockey Academy is a Canadian athletic school that provides ice hockey education and coaching to children in years 6–12.

Its academy’s goal is to provide its pupils with an intense academic curriculum as well as high-level hockey coaching.

The hockey curriculum at the school is meant to present students with an atmosphere of rivalry and the difficulty with which they may grow their talents and attain their maximum ability as hockey players.

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It incorporates on-ice training, dry-land training, film evaluation, and game strategy workshops.

BHA has an extensive background of glory, with numerous alumni graduating to play at the junior, collegiate, and pro ranks.

The school is also a member of the Canadian Sport School Hockey League, which gives more possibilities for participation against other premier hockey schools.

2. Bishop’s College, Lenoxville, Quebec

Next, Bishop’s College School (BCS), an exclusive school in Lennoxville, Quebec, Canada, has an impressive record of high school hockey excellence.

The most prominent athletes have emerged from the BCS hockey program, especially those who have gone on to compete internationally in the NHL.

BCS has several regional and international tournaments, including the Quebec AAA High School Hockey Championship and the Canadian Independent Schools Athletic Association (CISAA) Championship.

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Being the second on our list of hockey prep schools in Canada, BCS is noted for its emphasis on academic excellence alongside its prowess on the ice.

3. Ridley College Hockey

Ridley College is a distinct co-educational residential and day school in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. This institution has an extensive background in ice hockey superiority, and its hockey program is well recognized both locally and globally.

Its hockey program is geared to help student-athletes improve their talents both on and off the ice. A challenging series of contests and matches against other higher-ranking high school and prep school teams in Canada and the United States is part of the program.

Throughout the course of time, this hockey program has yielded a number of great players, including NHL stars Jay McKee, Nick Foligno, and Brian Campbell. It may interest you to know that it has also won many local, provincial, and national tournaments and honours.

4. Rothesay-Nether Wood School, Brunswick

The RNS Hockey Academy is a specialist hockey training program offered by this college in Rothesay, New Brunswick, Canada.

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This program also presents top athletes with an efficient development facility. Additionally, the college provides a year-round fitness regimen that involves on-ice enhancement, physical fitness development, psychological orientation, and academic support.

RNS, like BCS, places a high value on academics and the growth of characters. It inspires its players to aim for perfection both on and off the ice, as well as to acquire the skills and attributes required for victory in all parts of life.

5. Varsity Boys Hockey: Stanstead college, Quebec

Varsity boys hockey is a term used to describe high school hockey for male pupils at Stanstead College, Quebec, Canada.

Its teams are often made up of kids with a high degree of skill and experience in ice hockey who were chosen through a tryout procedure.

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These teams’ players are typically dedicated to the sport and willing to devote significant time and effort to practices, games, and training.

Aside from the physical rigours of Varsity Boys Hockey, student-athletes must also maintain a high level of scholastic accomplishment.

6. Okanagan Hockey Academy

Okanagan Hockey Academy (OHA) is a personal hockey school in Penticton, British Columbia. It was established in 2002 and is a member of the Canadian Sports School Hockey League (CSSHL).

For kids in grades 6–12, the OHA offers both academic and sports programs. The hockey program is meant to help athletes improve their abilities and attain their maximum ability as hockey players. From U15 to U18, the academy has a team that participates in the CSSHL against similar hockey schools.

In summary, this hockey school is a highly popular ice hockey institution with an excellent record for training top-level athletes. And it is also popular for delivering outstanding hockey training to individuals of all ages and ability levels.

7. Ontario Hockey Academy

The Ontario Hockey Academy (OHA) is a Canadian hockey school with its headquarters in Cornwall, Ontario. Established in 2007, it provides classes for people of any ability level or age, from beginners to elite-level players.

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It places a heavy emphasis on player development, with a group of professional coaches assisting players to reach their full capabilities.

This school also emphasizes academic performance, with intense schooling intended to assist students in balancing their hockey responsibilities with their studies. It fields a number of teams in several leagues, including the North American Prospects Hockey League (NAPHL).

As a bonus to its teams, the academy provides year-round growth opportunities and seminars.

8. King’s Height Academy Hockey

Even though there is no specialized hockey program at this school, it presents a variety of athletic events.

The ice hockey squads at King Heights Academy participate in the Conference of Independent Schools Athletic Associations (CISAA) and the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations (OFSAA).

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In the last few years, the school’s teams have had a few wins, with the varsity boys’ team capturing the CISAA championship in the 2019–2020 season.

The academy also provides a variety of sports besides hockey, including football, basketball, volleyball, cross country, and track and field.

How to get into Hockey prep schools in Canada

In Canada, admission to a hockey prep school often requires a mix of educational and athletic feats. Here are some broad guidelines to assist you in the approach:

1. Study institutions

Look for Canadian schools with hockey programs and a solid academic record. Examine their entrance standards and deadlines.

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Make sure you take the time to go through their websites and portals to understand their various admission requirements.

2. Improve your abilities

Participate in hockey seminars and programs to perfect your abilities and enhance your ability to play. Think about employing a personal instructor or tutor to help you improve your talents.

This may help you improve your chance of getting into your desired school, as some schools ask for previous skills.

3. Perform at an elite level

Engage at an advanced level of hockey, like AAA or AA, and take part in competitions and exhibitions where prep school recruiters may be present.

Maintain strong marks and take tough classes to demonstrate that you can handle the academic rigours of a prep school.

4. Get in touch with the necessary trainers and recruitment personnel

Reach out to the instructors and recruitment personnel at the institutions you want to enroll in. Describe yourself as an individual, tell them about what you’ve done, and declare your desire to enroll in their institution.

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5. Register as soon as possible

Upload your request for admission as soon as possible, ensuring that you have all the resources, such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, and dissertations. Make certain that you meet all deadlines.

It’s crucial to remember that the procedures differ by institution, with some having extra demands or standards. Furthermore, because most hockey prep school are costly, it is critical to investigate financial aid and scholarship alternatives, if available.

Do hockey schools in Canada offer financial aid to students?

It’s true that most of these institutions have exorbitant fees, yet it feels good knowing that financial support is accessible. These forms of assistance take various forms and rely on factors that vary between institutions.

Every school, nonetheless, provides financial aid to high school students who have shown that they qualify for it, like merit scholarships.

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Hockey schools provide students with the opportunity to win some of the greatest high school prizes in Canada.


Are you a parent who feels that their kids have a dream in the hockey world and need to get proper training? Well, worry no more, as this article will guide you through all you need to know about hockey prep schools. As well as provide you with a list of some of the best hockey prep schools in Canada for you to send your kids to.


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