List of Universities Accepting Low IELTS Scores

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It is very important to acquire a high or moderate level of IELTS scores to gain admission. Because not all universities accept low IELTS scores.

For a college student, studying abroad can be one of the most valuable opportunities as you have the chance to experience the allure of a new country and its culture also.


While planning to study abroad, acing standardized exams like IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, etc. is one of the quintessential steps.

Many students, however, are afraid that their low IELTS scores would prevent them from enrolling in their dream course abroad.

If your score is between 5.5 to 6.5, however, you should be certain that most schools and universities will gladly accept your application.


But if you have a lower IELTS score than 5.5, we have compiled a big list of all the foreign universities that accept 5.5 IELTS scores across the world.

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Keep reading to find out about these schools and their various locations.

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What is an IELTS Score

The IELTS band scores range from band 0 to band 9. In the IELTS test, your English-language skills are measured against band scores.

These band scores range from band 0 to band 9 with each band score corresponding to a level of English-language competence.


After completing the IELTS test, you are given a band score between 1 and 9 for each of the four skills namely, listening, speaking, reading, and writing as well as an overall IELTS band score. Use the IELTS Band Score Calculator to get your band score.

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For Bands 1-3 = Minimal English

However, Bands 4-6 = Students of English

Whereas, Bands 7-9 = Fluent English

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Universities Accepting Low IELTS Scores

Although many schools tend to give admission to only students with high IELTS Scores, there are, however, a lot of schools in the world that you can get admitted into with a low score.

These schools are so many that we won’t be able to list them all, however, we have grouped some of the best according to their locations.

This is to easily help you pick in accordance to your dreamland also.

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Low IELTS Universities in UK & Europe

Europe is home to some of the best student cities in the world while the UK is renowned for its oldest academic institutions offering the world’s top specializations.

Both these study destinations offer affordable quality education as well as research and academic excellence. You can also study in Europe without IELTS, and know all about it in this blog.


Take a look at all the UK & European universities accepting low IELTS scores of 6.0 and universities that accept 5.5 IELTS. 

Universities Accepting Low IELTS ScoresLocation Minimum Total IELTS Score Required
University of OsloNorway6.0
Télécom Paris France5.5
Wageningen University and ResearchNetherlands6.0
Autonomous University of BarcelonaSpain6.0
Ghent UniversityBelgium5.5
University of ViennaAustria6.0
Vienna University of TechnologyAustria5.5
University of ManchesterUK 6.0
University of BristolUK 6.0
University of GlasgowUK6.0

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Universities in USA Accepting 5.5 IELTS Score

As one of the best study destinations for STEM, arts, design as well as commerce courses, the USA is, therefore, a hotspot for international students.

Here are all the American Universities accepting 5.5 low IELTS scores.

Universities Accepting Low IELTS ScoresLocation Minimum Total IELTS Score Required
California State UniversityUSA5.5
North Dakota State UniversityUSA5.5
Old Dominion UniversityUSA5.5
Southern Arkansas UniversityUSA5.5
The University of Alabama in Huntsville USA5.5
University of MississippiUSA5.5
University of New HavenUSA5.5
University of MissouriUSA5.5
University of South AlabamaUSA5.5
State University of New YorkUSA5.5

Calculate Your IELTS Band Score using our IELTS Band Score Calculator.


Low IELTS Universities in Canada 

Canada is emerging as a multicultural melting pot and welcomes international students with open arms.

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Here are all the Canadian universities that are accepting low IELTS scores.

Universities Accepting Low IELTS ScoresLocation Minimum Total IELTS Score Required
St. Clair College of Applied Arts and Technology Canada 6.0
Charles Sturt UniversityCanada 6.0 
Concordia UniversityCanada 6.0
University of AlbertaCanada 6.5
Brock UniversityCanada 6.5
Canadore CollegeCanada 6.0
Royal Roads UniversityCanada 6.0
Algonquin CollegeCanada 6.0
Lethbridge collegeCanada 6.0
Camosun CollegeCanada6.0

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Low IELTS Universities in Australia 

Being another popular study destination to consider, Australia is the perfect place to pursue your higher studies. This is moreover without worrying about the high costs as it is very affordable.

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It is also home to the world’s top universities.


So here are some of the Australian universities accepting low IELTS scores.

Universities Accepting Low IELTS ScoresLocation Minimum Total IELTS Score Required
University of Queensland Australia 6.0
The University of AdelaideAustralia 6.0
RMIT UniversityAustralia 6.0
Australian Catholic UniversityAustralia 6.0
Charles Darwin UniversityAustralia 6.0
Swinburne University of TechnologyAustralia 6.0
University of South AustraliaAustralia 6.0
Victoria UniversityAustralia 6.0
University of WollongongAustralia 6.0
The University of NewcastleAustralia 6.0

Low IELTS Universities in New Zealand

As an emerging academic hotspot for international students, New Zealand has been established as a preferable choice by beating the Covid-19 virus way before the rest of the world.

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Here are all the New Zealand universities accepting low IELTS scores.

Universities Accepting Low IELTS ScoresLocation Minimum Total IELTS Score Required
Victoria University of WellingtonNew Zealand 6.0
University of WaikatoNew Zealand 6.0
University of OtagoNew Zealand 6.0
University of CanterburyNew Zealand 6.0
Auckland University of TechnologyNew Zealand 6.0
Lincoln UniversityNew Zealand 6.0
Massey UniversityNew Zealand 6.0
University of AucklandNew Zealand 6.0

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 It is very important to be aware of your own strengths and weaknesses so that you know what to focus on / what you need to improve.


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