Easiest Medical Schools to Get Into in California

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Easiest Medical Schools to Get Into in California: If you are considering going to medical school in California, you can’t go wrong. 

Moreover, California has top-ranked medical schools in some of the best locations in the country.


Also, with beautiful weather year-round and an abundance of things to do, it is the ideal place to spend your four (or more) years of medical education.

What do you know about Medical Schools in California?

Statewide, only 12 California universities have medical schools offering Doctor of Medicine programs.


Also, half of these schools are public and half are private. Although, A few of the schools rank among the best medical schools in the United States.

Besides, getting into California medical colleges can be very expensive.

Consequently, for public med schools, you need to pay (including tuition, fees, and health insurance) $34,500-$40,000 for in-state students and $58,700-$70,000 for out-of-state students

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Medical schools in California requirements

Unfortunately, California med school admissions are also incredibly difficult due to schools’ competitive stats, the large state population, and the massive number of applications each program receives.

Therefore, here are the general med school requirements for the US:

  • High school diploma
  • Minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0
  • Good TOEFL language scores
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Minimum MCAT exam result (set by each university individually)
  • Undergraduate degree in the field of Sciences (3-4 years)

You should visit the websites of the schools you’re applying to because most of them explain how they weigh each component of your application.

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Best medical schools in California ranking

We have ranked these schools in terms of their acceptance rates above all, in line with other criteria.

University of Arizona College of Medicine

  • Acceptance Rate: 85%
  • GPA Requirement: 3.72
  • Tuition: $26,390(Domestic), $44,532(International)

Firstly, The University of Arizona College of Medicine proudly accepts academically diverse students. They want students for more than their grade point average and MCAT scores.

Moreover, their website states the admissions committee looks for students who:

appreciate the humanities,


also demonstrated respect for ethics in their professional, academic and personal life,

likewise strong critical thinking skills

LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans

  • Acceptance Rate: 27%
  • GPA Requirement: 3.7
  • Tuition: $10,376(Domestic) , $18,776(International)

More than 76% of LSU applications are from out-of-state. They get more than 3,000 applications each year.

They accept approximately 195 students with less than 10% being out-of-state.


Also, the minimum academic need is a C or better in courses. So they consider the previous 3 academic years as a measure of grades.

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Central University of the Caribbean

  • Acceptance Rate: 44%
  • GPA Requirement: 3.5
  • Tuition: $6,759

Thirdly, we have the CUC.

In short, the selling point isn’t only that it’s located in the Caribbean near beautiful beaches. Besides, there’s the fact that they only require 9 behavioral science for consideration.


You will also need 3 biology credits, and 3 math credits to be considered for their program.

Visit School Site

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University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine

Acceptance Rate: 28.7%

GPA Requirement: 2.5


Tuition: $7223

The University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine is known as the world’s finest bilingual medical school for its requiring every student to master both English and Spanish languages.

Although most of the school’s students are residents of Puerto Rico, citizens from any nation may apply for admission.

University of North Dakota School of Medicine

Acceptance Rate: 19%


GPA Requirement: 3.0

Tuition: $33,685

They have no minimum MCAT score but the average for students is 506.

Hence, they’ve adopted a holistic approach to the admission process. Therefore giving applicants a chance to promote non-academic assets for consideration.


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University of Massachusetts School of Medicine

Acceptance Rate: 39%

GPA Requirement: 3.73

Tuition: $22,763


Furthermore, we have the UOM school of medicine on our list.

Besides, UMass School of Medicine tuition is among the most affordable.

However, they receive over 3600 applications a year and accept 162 students. Also, most of the matriculated students are from in-state.

Out-of-state applicants aren’t out of luck though.


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LSU Shreveport School of Medicine

Acceptance Rate: 11%

GPA: 3.7

Tuition: $15,687


LSU makes our list of easiest medical schools to get into with its Shreveport School of Medicine program.

They have a low out-of-state acceptance which is a downfall. A recently developed residency program has opened the door for out-of-state applicants.

Their GPA, MCAT, and tuition requirements are reasonable. Other factors taken into account by the admissions team are helpful for students.

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The University of New Mexico School of Medicine

Acceptance Rate: 15%

GPA Requirement: 3.0

Tuition: $17,000

The University of New Mexico School of Medicine is a division of the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


The UNM School of Medicine is home to a variety of degree-granting programs, including the only MD program in the state. 

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The University of South Dakota Medical School

Acceptance Rate: 10%

GPA Requirement: 3.1


Tuition: $32,105

If you have strong ties to South Dakota, this is definitely one of the easiest medical schools to get into.

They do not accept transfer students or permit advanced standing admissions.

University of Oklahoma School of Medicine

Acceptance Rate: 7%


GPA Requirement: 3.79

Tuition: $28,500

Finding its way to the last position of our list of easiest medical schools to get into in Texas is the UOCM.

Beginning your first year, you’ll be working with patients, first with standardized patients and later with those in hospital settings with whom you’ll learn interviewing skills.


During years three and four, you’ll be required to take clinical clerkships in family and internal medicine, as well as in several specialty areas.

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When viewing California medical university acceptance rates, keep in mind that these are overall acceptance rates, and that acceptance rates for in-province, out-of-province, and international applicants vary considerably.


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