Easiest Medical School to Get into in the US

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Easiest medical schools to get into in the US: Most medical applicants strive to be accepted to the most prestigious medical program.

However, such a significant decision should rest on more than reputation.

But you however do not have to worry for we have put together a list of the easiest medical schools to get into in the US, alongside some other things you need to be aware of.

What do you Know About Medical Schools in US?

In the US, medicine degrees take five or six years to complete. And in the final year of study and the year after completing your degree, you will work as an intern in hospitals before certification.

Several universities across the US admit college students to their medical schools during college.

Students attend a single six-year to an eight-year integrated program consisting of two to four years of an undergraduate curriculum and four years of the medical school curriculum, culminating in both a bachelor’s and M.D.

Medical Schools in US Requirements

US medical school entry requirements vary between universities.

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Here are the general med school requirements for the US:

  • High school diploma
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Good TOEFL language scores
  • Undergraduate degree in the field of Sciences (3-4 years)
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Minimum MCAT exam result (set by each university individually)

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Easiest Medical Schools in US Ranking

We, however, have ranked these schools in terms of their acceptance rates and also in line with other criteria.

1. University of Arizona College of Medicine

Acceptance Rate: 3.6%

GPA Requirement: 3.4

Tuition: 26,000-44,500USD

Firstly, The University of Arizona College of Medicine proudly accepts academically diverse students.

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They want students for more than their grade point average and MCAT scores.

MCAT score minimums are 498 with an average of 509. GPA minimums are 3.0 with an average of 3.9.

These are only one aspect of the acceptance process at U of A.

2. LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans

Acceptance Rate: 7%

GPA: 3.7

Tuition: 10,300-18,800USD

More than 76% of LSU applications are from out-of-state. They get more than 3,000 applications each year.

They accept approximately 195 students with less than 10% being out-of-state.

There’s no minimum MCAT score listed though the average for students accepted is 509.

3. Central University of the Caribbean

Acceptance Rate: 44%

GPA Requirement: 3.5

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Tuition: 7,900USD

The selling point isn’t only that it’s located in the Caribbean near beautiful beaches. There’s the fact that they accept approximately 44% of applicants.

Minimum MCAT scores of 490 and GPAs of 3.0 are also enticing. The average MCAT score for students is only slightly higher at 496. 

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4. University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine

Acceptance Rate: 28.7%

GPA Requirement: 3.7

Tuition: 7,223USD

Next on our list of easiest medical schools to get into in the US, the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine

The curriculum taught is in English and Spanish so if you’re fluent in both this is a great school to apply to. The minimum MCAT score for consideration is 490.

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The average MCAT score of students is 500.

You’ll need to present a portfolio of extracurricular activities. You’ll also require recommendations from current professors.

5. University of North Dakota School of Medicine

Acceptance Rate: 19%

GPA Requirement: 3.0

Tuition: 35,400USD

They receive just over 1330 applications with more than 90% coming from out-of-state.

Their matriculated students are 57% from in-state. A preference is given to students from North Dakota.

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6. University of Massachusetts School of Medicine

Acceptance Rate: 19%

GPA Requirement: 3.7

Tuition: 37,000 – 63,000USD

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They receive over 3600 applications a year and accept 162 students.

However, most of the matriculated students are from in-state. Out-of-state applicants aren’t out of luck though.

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