Easiest Medical Schools to Get Into in Texas

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Easiest medical school to get into in Texas: are you so interested in finding out more about medical schools in Texas in your mind?

Do you however, want to know more about the easiest medical schools to get into?


Are you among the category of those that are so surfing the net for a list of medical school acceptance rates?

Look no further for we have listed the easiest medical schools to get into in Texas below.


What do you know about Medical Schools in Texas?

Texas is one of the best states for pursuing a medical school degree, home to so many higher education institutions dedicated to medicine.

In Texas’s medical schools, a myriad of important discoveries has so advanced healthcare and health products.

Texas medical schools prioritize in-state applicants and non-residents can make up no more than 10% of matriculants to medical schools in Texas. So it is highly competitive for out-of-state students who want to apply.

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Medical schools in Texas requirements

You can easily get into a medical school in Texas compared to other state schools.

Moreover the acceptance rates for some will be around 37%, and this is huge in comparison to some schools.

However, the acceptance rates will vary from school to school.

Still, you should still ensure that you meet up to the requirements for admission eligibility.


So, the main requirements you should take note of include:

  • The average GPA is 3.78
  • The average MCAT which is 511

You should visit the websites of the schools you’re applying to because most of them explain how they weigh each component of your application.

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Best medical schools in Texas ranking

We have ranked these schools in terms of their acceptance rates and also in line with other criteria.


University of Mississippi School of Medicine

Acceptance Rate: 37%

GPA Requirement: 3.79

Tuition: $5,792(Domestic), $14,797(International)

Firstly, on our list is the University of Mississippi School of Medicine, located in Jackson, which educates its students with the purpose of creating a healthier Mississippi and a goal of training 1,000 physicians within the next five years.


During your four years pursuing your M.D. degree, you’ll be trained to apply the school’s core values, including diversity and inclusion, to your future professional career.

You may also be interested in the college’s seven-year combined M.D.-Ph.D. program offered to exceptional students who desire a career that includes both clinical skills and research.

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University of British Columbia Medical School

Acceptance Rate: 12.4%


GPA Requirement: 3.5 in a 5.0 system

Tuition: $4,995(Domestic) , $8,776(International)

These averages must be attained although the published minimum academic requirement for applying to the MD Undergraduate Program is an overall GPA (“OGPA”) of 70% based on all university-level courses attempted.

UBC medical school, therefore, converts your cumulative GPA into a grade out of 100 for use in the application.


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Central Michigan University College of Medicine

Acceptance Rate: 22%

GPA Requirement: 3.74


Tuition: $13,200

Emphasizing a holistic curriculum that combines traditional courses with hands-on training, Central Michigan University College of Medicine provides its students with a well-rounded educational experience.

In addition to the M.D. program, the college offers an M.D.-M.B.A. dual degree program to qualified students who want to add leadership and management to their medical training.

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University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine

Acceptance Rate: 14%

GPA Requirement: 3.15

Tuition: $7223

The University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine is known as the world’s finest bilingual medical school for its requiring every student to master both English and Spanish languages.


Although most of the school’s students are residents of Puerto Rico, citizens from any nation may apply for admission.

Mercer University School of Medicine

Acceptance Rate: 10%

GPA Requirement: 3.72

Tuition: $42,586


Established with the purpose of educating physicians who meet the needs of Georgia’s rural and underserved populations, Mercer University School of Medicine offers an M.D. program that emphasizes an early patient care experience.

University of Tennessee Health Sciences Center

Acceptance Rate: 9%

GPA Requirement: 3.7

Tuition: $10,889(domestic), $23,053(international)


Being a french school, it is an international university in a city you caThe University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Medicine maintains campuses in Memphis, Knoxville, and Chattanooga.

In addition to the M.D. program, the college offers Ph.D., M.S., and physician assistant programs.

You can earn a Ph.D. in one of five areas in the school’s Integrated Biomedical Sciences program.

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Sanford School of Medicine The University of South Dakota

Acceptance Rate: 8%

GPA: 3.83

Tuition: $32,105

The college’s four-year M.D. curriculum consists of three pillars of study.


Pillar 1 involves an integrated study of basic sciences, Pillar 2 includes longitudinal clerkships in outpatient settings and Pillar 3 offers opportunities for electives, research, and other experiences.

Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University

Acceptance Rate: 8%

GPA Requirement: 3.6

Tuition: $23,134


When the state legislature established the Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University, they did so with a three-part mission.

The objective was to increase the number of primary care physicians serving North Carolina, to improve the health status of the citizens in eastern areas of the state, and to increase access to medical education for disadvantaged and minority students.

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Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University

Acceptance Rate: 7.5%


GPA Requirement: 3.8

Tuition: $8,832(domestic), $24,210(international)

The Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University is the only public medical school in the state.

One-quarter of the students remain in the state the first year after graduation.


The graduates’ match rate is an outstanding 98 percent with nearly half matching in primary care.

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University of Oklahoma College of Medicine

Acceptance Rate: 7%

GPA Requirement: 3.79


Tuition: $28,500

Finding its way to the last position of our list of easiest medical schools to get into in Texas is the UOCM.

Beginning your first year, you’ll be working with patients, first with standardized patients and later with those in hospital settings with whom you’ll learn interviewing skills.

During years three and four, you’ll be required to take clinical clerkships in family and internal medicine, as well as in several specialty areas.


When viewing Texas university acceptance rates, keep in mind that these are overall acceptance rates, and that acceptance rates for in-province, out-of-province, and international applicants vary considerably.


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