10 Best Computer Science Universities in Netherlands

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The best Dutch computer science universities: Did you know that this is one of the world’s best places to study computer science? The Netherlands is an excellent site to study computer science.

This is because of its current emphasis on technological innovation and environmental measures. There are many Netherlands computer science universities you can choose from.


Many computer science universities in the Netherlands work with local and international firms to ensure their educational quality matches industry standards.

Positive interactions and open communication between students and professors are also promoted at Dutch universities, which is an excellent way to ensure academic success.


If you want a computer science degree, here are the best Dutch computer science universities.

Why Should I Study Computer Science in the Netherlands?

Europe has risen to prominence as the world’s premier educational destination. There is no better program in the Netherlands for students pursuing higher education in computer science than the Computer Science Master.

Here are five compelling reasons to study in the Netherlands:


Tuition at public universities in the Netherlands is relatively low. Universities in the United States, Canada, and Australia are less expensive.


Every year, you must pay between 6,000 and 20,000 euros (about INR 17,00,000) in the Netherlands.

There are no language barriers.

90% of the Dutch people speak English. This means you won’t have to be concerned if you visit a prominent location or ask for directions.

It is simple to interact with people. This helps you make friends and connect with everyone on campus quickly.

Flexibility in work after graduation

In terms of career flexibility, there are two advantages to doing a Master in Computer Science in the Netherlands:


Work in various fields while making a good living and enjoying excellent benefits. The four-day workweek is well-known in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands is a very safe and enjoyable place.

If you choose to pursue a Master’s degree in Computer Science in the Netherlands, you should know that the country is one of the safest in the world. Residents are well-educated and enjoy a good standard of living.

Best Computer Science Universities in the Netherlands

1. Delft University of Technology

The Delft University of Technology is the most extraordinary computer science institution in the Netherlands for various reasons.

To begin, Delft University of Technology offers 46 computer science undergraduate and Master’s degree programs.


Because their mission statement includes the phrase “impact for a better society,” all of their programs focus on the greater good and a greener, more technologically productive future.

Second, because the institution makes the application process more manageable, most Delft University computer science students pursue their master’s degree after completing their undergraduate studies.

This is an excellent approach to broadening your field knowledge and will also put you at the top of the application lists for future opportunities.

Finally, as technology advances, the university focuses on software development and intelligent systems, two of the most critical areas to study in computer science.


The Delft University of Technology is a good alternative if you prefer to learn through self-study and real-world applications or lectures.

2. University of Amsterdam

The University of Amsterdam is one of the largest educational institutions in the Netherlands. It is widely considered one of the most outstanding universities in Europe.

Their computer science degree is also offered in English, making it an excellent option for native English speakers or those wishing to practice and improve their English skills.

The computer science program at the University of Amsterdam is a collaboration between two universities, providing students with the unique opportunity to learn from two different higher education institutions while having access to both facilities.


The other institution that interacts with the University of Amsterdam is the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

This top computer science institution in the Netherlands focuses on research and allows students to do theoretical and experimental research.

This computing program is designed primarily for Master’s students and is an excellent option for individuals seeking a postgraduate degree.

3. Eindhoven University of Technology

The Eindhoven University of Technology specializes in engineering and technology research and is another prominent computer science university in the Netherlands.


It is close to the headquarters of several of today’s technological behemoths, such as Philips. Because of its proximity, the university maintains close relationships with many technology firms, which is particularly advantageous to research.

The Eindhoven University of Technology is a member of the EuroTech Universities Alliance, which compels its members to adhere to agreed-upon quality and education standards across Europe.

The computer science education you will receive at the Eindhoven University of Technology will be of the highest quality due to the university’s membership in such a prestigious group of universities, improving your employability throughout Europe.

The good news is that the Eindhoven University of Technology also offers Ph.D. programs in data science and software engineering.


This is an ideal place to earn your doctorate because of its world-renowned research program and linkages to IT heavyweights.

4. University of Twente

The University of Twente is set in a lovely natural location. Apart from its beautiful surroundings, the University of Twente is well-known for its computer science curriculum.

This university has affiliations with some of the most famous research institutes in the country, implying that the research undertaken at the university is of the highest quality and relevant to the present day. It is one of the best Dutch computer science universities.

The University of Twente strives to provide an excellent and exciting environment for its students to work, live, learn, and interact with their peers.


To help it achieve its goal of providing the most well-rounded education possible, the institution has cutting-edge technologies such as a VR lab and a robotics and mechatronics lab for its computer students.

The University of Twente graduates are essential inventors in the IT sector, such as the Bluetooth inventor who attended this university.

Attending this prominent computer science school in the Netherlands will undoubtedly help you reach your goals and learn how to create creative technology.

5. Utrecht University

Utrecht University is the oldest university on this list, founded in the 1600s. This university is well-known in the Netherlands and throughout Europe for its long history.


Because many degrees are offered in Dutch, this is an excellent alternative for those who are fluent in the language or wish to develop their skills.

One of the benefits of studying at Utrecht University is that you can earn your degree with honors, which looks excellent on your CV.

The university incorporates labs and practical learning into the computer science degree to ensure its students are prepared for work following graduation.

6. Leiden University

Leiden Institution, founded in 1575, is the oldest institution in the Netherlands. Its headquarters are in Leiden, with facilities in The Hague only a few kilometers away.


The university’s seven primary academic divisions are archaeology, governance and global affairs, humanities, law, medicine, science, and social and behavioral sciences.

The university offers approximately 40 bachelor’s and 70 master’s degree programs. Most of Leiden University’s bachelor’s programs are taught in Dutch. However, a handful are taught in English.

7. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

VU University Amsterdam was founded in 1880 as a public university. The Dutch institution in Amsterdam’s Zuidas district recently accepted almost 23,000 students.

Students outside the European Union and the European Economic Area pay higher tuition. International degree candidates and exchange students can choose between furnished and unfurnished university housing.


The university’s ten core academic divisions are dentistry, economics, business administration, earth and life sciences, behavioral and movement sciences, humanities, law, medicine, social sciences, and religion.

Previously, the university provided over 50 bachelor’s degrees and 160 master’s programs.

8. University of Groningen

The University of Groningen is a public university founded in 1614, making it one of the oldest in the Netherlands.

It is mainly found in Groningen, around 115 miles northeast of Amsterdam. The University of Groningen necessitates a single, well-defined campus area; university buildings are spread around the city.


Tuition is higher for students from non-European Union and non-European Economic Area countries, save for Swiss nationals.

Among the academic divisions at the university are economic and business, behavioral and social sciences, theology and religious studies, arts, medical sciences, law, spatial sciences, philosophy, and mathematical and natural sciences.

9. Erasmus University Rotterdam

Erasmus University Rotterdam is a public university that was established in 1913. However, the modern institution did not exist until 1973, when the Medical Faculty Rotterdam and the Netherlands School of Economics merged.

Most of the institution’s facilities are in Rotterdam, one of the largest cities in the Netherlands. It has four sites: the main campus, Woudestein, and Erasmus University College, a residential liberal arts school.


The university’s seven academic divisions are economics, law, social sciences, medicine, philosophy, history, culture, communication, and management.

The Institute of Health Policy and Management, the International Institute of Social Studies, and the Institute of Housing and Urban Development Studies are all academic institutes.

10. Wageningen University

Wageningen University is a public university formed in 1876 as an agricultural college and designated as such in 1918.

According to the Times Higher Education World Institution Rankings, the institution is located in Wageningen, Netherlands, and is the best university in the Netherlands.


Wageningen University has approximately 11,600 students, including 5,659 undergraduate and 5,821 graduate students.

Wageningen University provides scholarships to students who have excelled academically. The university also features a library, which helps students and professors with research, study, writing and citation, and data management.


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