15 Best Universities for Computer Science in Florida (2024)

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We live in a sophisticated technological world filled with computers and other technologies. As new technologies emerge, more news for technology enthusiasts is required. There are many of the best Florida universities for computer science and technology students.

Based on this, we give an up-to-date guide based on facts concerning computer science programs at Florida colleges. A computer science degree or certification will offer you the programming skills required to be a problem solver.

The article would assist you if you want to study at the best and are ready to apply to the best Florida universities for computer science. Keep reading!

Why Should I Study Computer Science?

Because the world is becoming more digital, it is not implausible to expect that only certain professions will thrive in this century. If you’re considering a career in computer science in Florida, you should know that the job environment is improving.

Second, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the job market will grow 11% between 2019 and 2029.
Another reason to study computer science at one of Florida’s top universities is the pay structure.

The average monthly compensation for a computer science specialist is roughly $91,250.

Best 15 Computer Science Schools in Florida

Based on criteria such as annual in-state tuition and graduation rates, we came up with a detailed list of the best Florida universities for computer science.

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1. Florida State University (FSU)

  • Graduation Rate: 83%
  • Acceptance Rate: 36%
  • SAT Range: 1200–1340
  • Annual in-state tuition: $5,656

FSU is a Florida university that provides a variety of computer science programs.
The university awards bachelor’s and doctorate degrees.

In addition to a wide range of educational opportunities, the university provides cyber security and information assurance courses.

2. University of Florida

  • Location: Gainesville, Florida
  • Graduation Rate: 88%
  • Acceptance Rate: 37%
  • SAT Range: 1310–1470
  • Annual in-state tuition: $6,381

The University of Florida is one of the most excellent Florida colleges for computer science programs. At least 39 credit hours are required for the computer science program at UF.

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Data Structure and Algorithms is their primary program. A noteworthy aspect is that you can take this course online or on campus.

3. University of Central Florida

  • Location: Orlando, Florida
  • Graduation Rate: 72%
  • Acceptance Rate: 44%
  • SAT Range: 1170–1340
  • Annual in-state tuition: $6,368

UCF education is both thrilling and enlightening. This is due to the university’s employment of cutting-edge technologies such as 3-D printers and laser cutters.

UCF computer science graduates have connections to jobs at Google, Apple, Microsoft, and other well-known organizations.

4. Florida Atlantic University

  • Location: Boca Raton, Florida
  • Graduation Rate: 50%
  • Acceptance Rate: 63%
  • SAT Range: 1080-1240
  • Annual in-state tuition: $4,879
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Florida Atlantic University offers engineering and computer science college extensions.
This college is still regarded as one of Florida’s best computer science universities and schools.

This university’s ability to conduct innovative research and provide high-quality education is another differentiating feature. Among the courses of interest are AI, data science, and analytics.

5. University of South Florida

  • Location: Tampa Bay, Florida
  • Graduation Rate: 75%
  • Acceptance Rate: 48%
  • SAT Range: 1170–1330
  • Annual in-state tuition: $6,410

The University of South Florida is one of the nation’s best computer science schools. USF is a large university that offers computer science bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. It is one of the best Florida universities for computer science.

According to public school rankings, it has the 34th greatest computer science department in the US.

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6. Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University

  • Location: Tallahassee, Florida
  • Graduation Rate: 53%
  • Acceptance Rate: 36%
  • SAT Range: 1030–1160
  • Annual in-state tuition: $5,785

Since its inception in 1967, the computer department at Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University has grown significantly.

The school’s primary offering is a bachelor’s degree program. In most cases, 46 credits and 36 general electives are required.

In addition, students can enroll in a school internship program. Aside from its strength in computer science, Florida A&M offers one of the state’s best business schools.

7. Eastern Florida State College

  • Location: Cocoa, Florida
  • Graduation Rate: 45%
  • Acceptance Rate: 100%
  • Annual in-state tuition: $2,496
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Eastern Florida State College is one of the best colleges in Florida for computer science classes. You can get an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in computer science-related majors at the institution.

Computing, cybersecurity, and information technology are well-known courses in this sector. Eastern Florida State College is also one of the most excellent computer science institutes due to its practical approach to instruction.

8. Florida International University

  • Location:;Miami, Florida
  • Graduation Rate: 63%
  • Acceptance Rate: 58%
  • SAT Range: 1110–1280
  • Annual in-state tuition: $6,565

Florida International University offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in computer science.

On the other hand, bachelor’s degrees are divided into computer science (CS) and software design and development (SDD). It is one of the best Florida universities for computer science.

There is also an opportunity for students to work in real-world settings with local and regional organizations to build modern technology systems to solve problems.

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9. Florida Gulf Coast University

  • Location:;Fort Myers, Florida
  • Graduation Rate: 50%
  • Acceptance Rate: 67%
  • SAT Range: 1060–1210
  • Annual in-state tuition: $6,118

Florida Gulf Coast University is one of the Florida computer science universities that provides a Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering. Students study classical computer science as well as software engineering.

You must have at least 120 credits to graduate.

10. Florida Polytechnic University

  • Location: Lakeland, Florida
  • Graduation Rate: 43%
  • Acceptance Rate: –
  • SAT Range: –
  • Annual in-state tuition: $4,940

The Computer Science programs at Florida Polytechnic University are separated into three categories: game creation and simulation, software engineering, and cybersecurity.

In addition to the usual educational programs, students can join roughly 35 computer science-related groups. Its curriculum is well-recognized and listed among Florida’s finest computer science colleges.

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11. The University of West Florida

  • Location: Pensacola, Florida
  • Graduation Rate: 46%
  • Acceptance Rate: 31%
  • SAT Range: 1080-1260
  • Annual in-state tuition: $6,360

At the University of West Florida, prospective computer-related students can acquire a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

The most popular courses are cybersecurity and information technology. The school offers computer science certifications and minors if the degrees are advanced.

12. University of Miami

  • Location: Miami-Dade County, Florida
  • Graduation Rate: 83%
  • Acceptance Rate: 27%
  • SAT Range: 1270–1440
  • Annual in-state tuition: $61,930

The University of Miami is a solid choice for a BS or BA in computer science.

There are MS programs as well as accelerated programs available. A BA program allows students to specialize in comprehensive or flexible data science, computational science, encryption, security, graphics, and gaming.

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13. The University of Tampa

  • Location: Tampa, Florida
  • Graduation Rate: 58%
  • Acceptance Rate: 45%
  • SAT Range: 1100–1250
  • Annual in-state tuition: $29,992

The University of Tampa is one of Florida’s best computer science schools. If you study there, this university will give you hands-on experience on various capstone projects. Students handle real-world challenges in groups.

You can also study computer science as a minor. Aside from computer science degrees, the University of Tampa is a top engineering school in Florida.

14: Florida Institute of Technology

  • Location: Melbourne, Florida
  • Graduation Rate: 59%
  • Acceptance Rate: 66%
  • SAT Range: 1150–1360
  • Annual in-state tuition: $42,470

The Florida Institute of Technology has one of the state’s most robust computer science programs. Many students chose FIU because of its cutting-edge research ethics and innovative use of technology.

There are also lectures and career guidance conferences available. Bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees are frequently available.

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15. Nova Southeastern University

  • Location: Broward County, Florida
  • Graduation Rate: 58%
  • Acceptance Rate: 80%
  • SAT Range: 1070–1280
  • Annual in-state tuition: $32,110

Nova Southeastern University has one of the most robust computer science programs among private universities. Despite its modest size, Nova Southeastern University consistently ranks first among Florida universities for computer science.

In addition, computer programs at Nova Southeastern University are available online.


Florida is a remarkable destination for aspiring computer scientists, offering a plethora of top-notch universities dedicated to fostering excellence and innovation in the field.

The state’s best universities for computer science provide unparalleled educational opportunities, cutting-edge research facilities, and a vibrant community of like-minded individuals.

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Pursuing your computer science dreams in Florida opens the door to endless possibilities, empowering you with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in today’s technology-driven world.


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