Editing Exercises and Worksheets for classes 6 to 10

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Editing Exercises and Worksheets: These class grades receive these exercises to help build their English efficiency.

It is necessary for students of classes 6 to 10 to have even the very list, the knowledge of editing exercises.


What are Editing Exercises?

These are simple English exercises that involve finding an error in a worksheet, identifying the error, and fixing it.

Editing exercises may, however, involve changing a sentence completely, removing a word or phrase, or even adding a word or phrase to an already existing sentence.


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CBSE Class 6 English Editing Exercises Worksheet

These are free printable worksheets for English classes 6 in PDF format which professionals make according to the latest syllabus and examination pattern in your school.

Standard 6 students are to therefore practise the questions and answers given there for English in grades 6 that will help them improve their knowledge of all important chapters and topics.

Students can also download a free PDF for classes 1-6.


English worksheets prepared as per the latest NCERT CBSE syllabus this academic year by school teachers solve important problems supplied daily and achieve a higher score in school examinations and tests.

However, all of the CBSE instructional material has been developed by a great panel of teachers and has also been submitted by thousands of teachers and students.

How to solve/edit passages in English?

It’s very easy to edit a workpiece if you are willing to follow the necessary guidelines and instructions. However, be sure to make this part of your natural lifestyle as a class 6 to 10 student, for it is important.

Check your spelling

Spelling matters a lot when it comes to editing exercises. Besides, you can not boast of editing your work if there are spelling errors spotted on it.


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Check your grammar

Your grammar is another important phase to look out for. The way you begin and end your sentences, the way you arrange them to make sense to the reader, are also necessary for editing exercises.

Read your paragraph again

Although it may seem stressful and not necessary, going through your work two or three more times is a very good attribute needed in editing.

Make sure each sentence has a subject

Focus is the key to a good sentence or paragraph. Therefore, take note of that.


See if your subjects and verbs agree with each other

Just like we said in grammar, connection in your sentences matters a lot if you want to get a good result in editing exercises as a class 6 to 10 student.

Check the verb tenses of each sentence

You cant have a description having both a past and present tense verb in your worksheet. Therefore, it is recommended that you take proper note of the tenses you are using in your work.

Make sure that each sentence makes sense

As the last on this list, this is what sums up all your editing exercise worksheets. No one wants to read anything that makes no sense.

With this, be sure to fall in love with our English studies if you wish to do good on your editing exercises.



Being able to edit an English exercise, is a skill that is valued even beyond the boundaries of school systems.





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