10 Easiest Physical Therapy Schools To Get Into (2024)

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Getting into one of the physical therapy schools is a tough thing. Even if you have a high GPA, admission to one of the best physical therapy schools is not guaranteed.

But don’t stress; in this article, we’ve compiled a list of the easiest PT schools to get into, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to apply.


Your desire to study at one of the simplest physical therapy schools can become a reality if you apply correctly.

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy (PT), however, still identified as physiotherapy, is an affiliated medical specialty that attempts to relieve pain and improve your ability to operate, keep moving, and survive.


Physical therapists deliver this by promoting, maintaining, or improving health via medical evaluation, diagnostic tests, treatment plans, health education, treatment approaches, rehabilitative services, disease control, and promotion of health.

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Who is a physical therapist?

A physical therapist is a healthcare practitioner who has been educated and certified to diagnose metabolic abnormalities, restore functional ability as well as agility, sustain muscle performance, and promote healthy lifestyles and operational principles.


They are mobility specialists who boost people’s standard of living by prescribing exercise, providing hands-on treatment, and educating patients. Physical therapists also effectively treat patients of any age, from infants to older people.

How hard is it to gain admission into physical therapy schools?

With an approximate admission rate of 16%, obtaining admission into PT school is statistically challenging, but it is really a lot easier when you understand what you’re up against in order to compete.

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Countless aspirants are rejected because they do not reach the basic necessities of the school systems to which they apply.

As mentioned earlier, physical therapy schools are difficult to get into; however, there are some schools where you don’t necessarily need a very high score to gain admission. Some of these schools are accredited, while others are not.

Going to any of the unaccredited schools in the name of finding the easiest PT schools to get into will have a negative impact on you in the long run.

What Are the Admission Requirements of a PT School?

Physical therapy schools’ screening procedures have now become exhaustive and strong. This makes it incredibly hard for students to gain acceptance.


Nevertheless, a few of these colleges have less stringent admissions requirements than others.

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So if you still wish to attend PT school and work as a physiotherapist, you should be aware of the most significant PT school entry requirements. This will assist you in proficiently preparing before trying to apply to any school.

GPA Requirement

Generally, physiotherapy schools require that you have completed or are in the process of completing a four-year bachelor’s degree. So, for admission to any school, you will need your GPA from your undergraduate studies, which is critical.

In general, most physiotherapy schools in the United States accept a minimum GPA of 3.0 as part of the admissions requirements.

Besides, the higher your GPA, the more likely it is that you will be admitted to any physiotherapy school in the United States.

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CASper TeTest (online) and Admission Test (GRE)

Casper is an online test that assesses non-cognitive skills and interpersonal characteristics that we believe are important for successful PT program students and graduates, and it will supplement the other tools we use for applicant screening.


GRE test scores are also required for admission to any physiotherapy school in the United States.

However, the average admitted GRE score for the verbal section is around 155, 154 for the quantitative section, and between 4.0 and 4.5 for the writing section.

Letter Of Recommendation and Two References

If you want to work as a physical therapist, you’ll need these. They may not be necessary for all schools, but believe me when I say they are a lifesaver.

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At least 2 letters of recommendation from certified physical therapists and two letters of recommendation from top lecturers are required.

As part of the admissions process, you will be required to provide two references from two different physical therapists.

What Are the Easiest Physical Therapy (PT) Schools to Get Into?

We set aside time to put together a list of the easiest physical therapy schools to get into. In addition, we divided this list into categories based on different states in the United States.


So, if you live in Texas, California, or Canada, you can easily find the best physical therapy school for you.

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Below is a detailed breakdown of the easiest PT schools to get into:

1. University of Delaware

The University of Delaware comes first among the best physical therapy schools. It is a private-public research university in Newark, Delaware, and is the state’s largest university.

Across its eight colleges, it offers three associate’s degrees, 148 bachelor’s degrees, 121 master’s degrees, and 55 doctoral degrees.

The Department of Physical Therapy’s mission is to advance physical therapy practice by providing excellent entry-level and post-graduate education, leading federally funded rehabilitation research, and training the next generation of rehabilitation researchers.

2. University of Pittsburgh

The school is a global leader in education, research, and community service related to rehabilitation and disabilities.


The University of Pittsburgh’s School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (SHRS) is one of the best physical therapy schools in the world.

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The school is well-known for its academic and clinical excellence, as well as its high-impact, multidisciplinary research.

Furthermore, the school has been a pioneer in assisting people of all ages and stages of life to overcome movement, function, and mobility challenges.

3. Creighton University

Creighton University School of Medicine is a graduate medical school at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, USA. It was established in 1892 and possesses a current Acceptance Rate of 71%.

In 2012, St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona, opened a new satellite campus, becoming the first Jesuit medical program west of Omaha.

All matriculating students, however, complete pre-clinical coursework in Omaha, and 42 third-year students complete clinical rotations in Phoenix, with electives available at both campuses during their fourth year.


4. Washington University in St. Louis

The Washington University Program in Physical Therapy is a pioneer in developing human well-being through mobility by incorporating multidisciplinary research, exceptional care services, and the training of tomorrow’s representatives to push function enhancement across the lifecycle.

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The Physical Therapy Program has pioneered a novel, movement-based approach to physical therapy.

5. Northwestern University

Northwestern University is an Evanston, Illinois-based private research university. It was established in 1851.

Its Department of Physical Therapy and Human Movement Sciences provides the most comprehensive educational environment for students interested in pursuing a career in physical therapy.

The school, on the other hand, aims for excellent teaching, innovative research, and the personal and intellectual development of its students in a diverse academic community.

6. Emory University

The Methodist Episcopal Church established Emory as “Emory College” in 1836 and named it after Methodist bishop John Emory.


Nevertheless, the Department of Physical Therapy has always been a top pick for several aspiring physical therapists.

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Something about the program fosters special talents, innovation, reflectivity, and compassion while ingraining ego in students as they develop into outstanding professionals.

7. University of Iowa

In Iowa City, Iowa, the University of Iowa is a public research university. It is the state’s oldest and second-largest university, having been founded in 1847.

In a leading medical education center, the Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Sciences provides a one-of-a-kind learning environment.

Even so, the department is made up of academic staff who are devoted medical instructors and experts who believe in the department’s mission to advance human health.

8. MGH Institute of Health Professions

MGM Institute of Health Professions is the eighth-best college for physical therapy training, with a 55% acceptance rate.


The Doctor of Physical Therapy Program, on the other hand, trains physical therapists to be successful practitioners and leaders in complex and changing healthcare systems.

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To achieve this goal, they emphasize critical thinking and clinical decision-making, collaborative team-based care, and lifelong learning.

9. Duke University

Duke University, located in Durham, North Carolina, is a private university. In 1838, Methodists and Quakers founded the present-day town of Trinity.

The Duke Doctor of Physio Program is a diverse community of scholars fighting for the discovery, dissemination, and application of knowledge for the best possible patient care and learner instruction.

Team experience programs for students, on the other hand, allow them to gain hands-on clinical experience under the supervision of a skilled clinician.

In addition, the faculty conducts research in areas such as innovative clinical practices, educational research, and improving diagnostic accuracy, among others.


10. U.S. Army-Baylor University

The United States Army-Baylor University is the ninth-best school for physical therapy training.

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The military physical therapy program is based at the historic Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas, which is also known as the “Home of Military Medicine.”

After completing its program, students earn a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Baylor University. Additionally, applicants to the program don’t need to be in the military.

Currently, there are 26 students in the class, and they complete 124 semester hours of didactic and clinical education during the program.

Furthermore, the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE) has accredited the school.

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