How to Get Into Missouri-Kansas City Medical School


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Over three decades ago, the University of Missouri-Kansas City Medical School was established as a cutting-edge six-year medical curriculum.

The UMKC Medical school has continued to pioneer innovations in healthcare, including its integrated bachelor’s degree of medicine program and a teaching system that prioritizes small-group interaction.


This article tries to give a total breakdown of all you need to know to secure admission to this school. Therefore keep reading to gain this knowledge.

Missouri-Kansas City School of medicine brief breakdown

The University provides a combined BA/MD curriculum and an MD program as its two basic programs for medical students. The combined course is where the largest number of students are registered.

Every school semesters incorporate clinical practice and practical-oriented training, with the first 2 years training students on the principles of health and the latter four years emphasizing patient and clinician engagement and student accountability in a medical context.


What is the UMKC BA MD program?

Top college graduates who want to pursue a career in medical science have the chance to earn a B.A. and an M.D. in six years through the UMKC BA MD program.

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Approximately four 6-year medical courses in the nation deliver quality high school students the option to specialize in biology, science, or liberal arts. Fortunately, this course is one of those courses.

Missouri Kansas City Medical School Acceptance rate?

You’re probably wondering how hard it is to get admission into this majestic school right? Well sorry to break your bubbles.

With an acceptance rate of 7% over the years, it is obviously difficult to get into the UMKC medical school. This is even more heartbreaking for international students as about 55% of the accepted students are in-state residents.

However, this doesn’t mean you don’t stand a chance as an average aspirant. We have done the research and compiled for your sake a list of some of the main things you need to get into Missouri-Kansas City Medical School.


What are the University of Missouri Kansas City School of medicine Admission requirements?

Just like every other university or school of medicine, you may come across, there are a few things to note when planning to apply. And here are the few important requirements you must know as an applicant to the UMKC medical school in order to get in:

  • Applicants have to have an ACT average index of 24 or a lowest SAT score of 1160 (Assessment Reading & Writing and Math segments only) from a specific examination date.
  • The required minimum GPA is 3.0, and the typical intermediate CGPA for recent incoming freshmen is 3.9.
  • Candidates are judged purely on their ACT/SAT scores, grades, and fulfillment of the university’s 17 core requirements.
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Now that you know what is required of you by the school, it is important to also consider if you can afford to go there. Hence, we have talked about tuition in the next segment of this article.

How much is Tuition at UMKC school of medicine?

It may interest you to know that some students in this school are eligible for financial aid. However, this aid comes in two categories according to the levels of the program you are currently on.

The four-year M.D. program is a doctorate that qualifies for financial assistance at the graduate level. Parents’ information is not necessarily important because students are considered mature and independent. While the first and second years, regarded as undergraduate level, require parent information as representatives.

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With that in mind, the average cost you have to pay as a medical student at UMKC is $52,040 per year. This however includes your accommodations and feeding expenses too.


Why choose UMKC?

Of course, everyone will ask the same question before making their decision. Well if the acceptance rate and tuition didn’t convince you enough, maybe it may help to know these few things stated below.

Students will study in a setting that offers satisfaction and an academic atmosphere that encourages achievement and social inclusion as a student at the UMKC School of Medicine.

Along with the Youngblood Skills Lab and the Hospital Hill Apartments resident hall, the Health Sciences Campus also has a library for the study of health sciences, a university bookshop, and other facilities.

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Besides, the Campus is a centrally located building in Kansas City, close to the Crown Center, and only a short distance from Country Club Plaza and Downtown.

A strong community of biomedical learners is home to a variety of unique programs offered by the UMKC School of Medicine.


How to get into Missouri Kansas City Medical School?

By now you should be familiar with all the requirements needed by the school from you as an applicant. As well as possible things to consider before you apply like tuition and acceptance rate.

Therefore, if you are still reading, you are probably wondering how you can now apply for this medical program. Well seek no more, follow the few steps listed below and you’re done.

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Steps to apply for UMKC school of medicine:

Enroll in UMKC via its specialized official website, choosing “Medicine MD-Six Year Program,” and submitting all needed information by the specified given timeframe.

Now, fill out the Supplemental Application, which may also ask you to write a 500-word essay and answer a few short-response questions. Additionally, there are areas to record up to 10 instances of well-being and 10 additional actions to show dedication.

Finally, it is significant to remember that admittance requires an interview and takes the resident state into account.



In the graduate school ratings published by U.S. News & World Report, the UMKC School of Medicine is rated as the best medical school in Missouri for General Medicine.

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