Top 10 Most Dangerous Prisons In the World

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Prisons are far preferable than they were once, but none equates to freedom, so this post is about to reveal most of the most dangerous prisons in the world, which are best avoided.

Prisons did not start as routinely as they are today, but only as a conjunction of detention centers. This implies that it was used to house both convicted and sentenced culprits along with folks facing trial, and the prisoners were a mix of kids and adults.


History Of Prisons

The oldest recorded prisons date back to the first millennium BC, with locations in ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt, and ancient Rome, where the underground prisons had cells that were too tiny for human bodies, requiring them to be situated in one place or bent over for long periods.

Except in ancient Greece, where prisoners were detained in shabby buildings with wooden shackles around their feet and where they could be visited by friends and family, prisons were almost always underground dungeons.

The most significant consequence for such prisoners was death or slavery, and special slaves in Rome were forced to fight and kill as a business for their masters, the well-known Gladiators.


Prisons as we know them today, on the other hand, became popular during World War II when people were apprehended in hundreds of facilities and then executed without any form of trial.

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What Are the Advantages of Prisons in the World?

  • Protects society from dangerous and violent criminals
  • Isolates those who deserve such a punishment from their family and friends (retribution)
  • Stops offenders from re-offending as they are locked away
  • Acts as a deterrent
  • Ensures that the law is respected and upheld (vindication)
  • Gives offenders the chance to reflect on their actions and gives them time to reform their behavior

What are the Disadvantages of Prisons in the World?

  • Expensive maintenance
  • Prisoners educate each other in criminal matters
  • Prisons often breed resentment and a determination to get back at society
  • Most prisoners re-offend on release so it doesn’t bring about reform
  • Prison records make it difficult to get a job on release which can lead back to crime
  • Offenders’ families suffer through no fights of their own
  • Relationships often breakdown while a person is in prison
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Top 10 Most Dangerous Prisons in the World?

The world of today has over a thousand active prisons due to the high rates of crime. However, we have selected the worst and most dangerous of these prisons in the world.

1. Black Dolphin Prison Russia

This prison is famed as one of the most dangerous of these prisons in the world for its strict regulations and workforce. This is because it contains some of Russia’s most violent criminals, who must not be treated lightly.

They aren’t really given a break or perhaps even to take a seat during the day, and if they have to be transferred elsewhere, they are heavily guarded and blindfolded.

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2. Carandiru Penitentiary Brazil

The Carandiry Prison in Brazil, South America, is indeed a very scary prison with a focus on terror and illness.


Though many prisons just deal with violence, the Carandiru Penitentiary has lost many convicted murderers to violence as well. One out of every five prisoners in the prison has indeed been diagnosed with HIV.

3. Petak Island Prison, Russia

This prison is intended for Russia’s most dangerous criminals, who are tormented body and mind by being held in tiny cells for twenty hours a day and given permission to external interactions only once a year. It is one of the most dangerous of these prisons in the world for murderers, cannibals, and rapists.

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4. Al de Ciudad Barrios

This prison is one of the most dangerous in the world because it houses two popular gangs, the MS 13 and the Barrio 18.

The living conditions in this prison are absolutely awful and deplorable, but the violence of these rival gangs is so intense that even the prison guards are afraid to enter because their colleagues have died in the violence in the past.


5. Bang Kwang Prison, Bangkok

This prison is being used for perpetrators who are thought to be threats to the country’s sanctity. As a result, they are kept at a minimum strength level via physical and emotional torture.

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They are also fed once a day, and those on death row are compelled to wear foot chains.

6. Alcatraz Island Prison

This prison is notorious for its prison escape attempts, the most notable of which was known as “The Battle of Alcatraz” in May 1946.

This prison contained some of humankind’s most dangerous individuals; it is located on Alcatraz Island in California and has been closed since 1963.

7. La Sabaneta Prison

This is among the most dangerous of these prisons in the world because over 300 prisoners died in a violent gun battle inside the prison in 1994 and 1995.


It is located in Venezuela, South America, and is well-known for its overcrowding and severe understaffing of prison personnel.

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8. Camp 22, North Korea

Camp 22, also known as the Hoeryong concentration camp, was a North Korean prison regarded as one of the most dangerous of these prisons in the world.

Although the North Korean government denied its existence, it was reported to have been involved in serious human rights violations, experimentation, and abuse of people, including children, and it has been reported closed since 2012.

9. Diyarbakir Prison

The Diyarbakir Prison in Diyarbakir, Turkey, is well-known for its inhumane treatment of inmates. The prison is also known for child incarceration and prison guard-on-prisoner violence.


According to reports, ten prisoners were beaten to death by prison guards here in 1996.

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10. Mendoza Prison, Argentina

This prison is located in Argentina, and it is most well-known for its prison riots, which are caused by harsh and inhumane living conditions.

Inmates are forced to sleep on the bare floor, urinate and defecate in bottles, and use extremely small cells.

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As highlighted in the features of the most dangerous prisons in the world above, there are numerous disadvantages of prisons that should serve as a deterrent to prospective offenders. It is strongly advised that everyone avoids committing crimes rather than seeking remediation afterward.


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