10 Best Online Colleges for Military Members (2023)


Today I would be listing best online colleges for military members. Going to school while being in the military can be difficult. Which is why those who operate in the military services frequently, considers enrolling in college while serving and obtaining an education from any of the best online colleges for military.


As an outcome, the majority of serving military people and veterans now have access to educational opportunities through the online college globally.

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While our list of the top online military colleges takes into account assessment to determine services and credential programs to guarantee that each choice is appropriately accredited, allowing serving students to obtain a degree directly.

We would also make it simple by answering some other important questions concerning online colleges for military members.

What are the Advantages of Attending Online Military Colleges?

There are countless reasons for service students to participate in education, including improving employment options, pursuing an ambition, utilizing the military’s educational benefits, and advancing a career.


Online school offers the freedom that military personnel needs. Most colleges are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so students are able to work on their degrees whenever it is convenient for them.

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They also provide regular semester timings. To accommodate the rigorous military demands, students can either speed up their degrees or take fewer classes.

Besides, due to this adaptability, there is a broad array of periods for completing a degree. These kinds of degree programs can last three years or less.

Moreover, going to an online military college may also boost their financial return and make chasing a degree more economical.

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What are the Best Online Colleges for Military Members?

The colleges on this lineup were assembled by consulting significant sites. Reviewers examined college rankings and how frequently they were mentioned in various lists and articles.

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Those chosen for this list were usually mentioned and ranked high for best online colleges for military members.

  • Drexel University
  • Maryville University
  • Pennsylvania State University World Campus
  • Liberty University
  • Arizona State University
  • Rutgers University-New Brunswick
  • Florida State University
  • Park University
  • University of Southern Mississippi

1. Drexel University

Drexel University is one of the best colleges for military students. It has all sorts of options for offering broad training to military veterans, with lowered tuitions, an accomplished portfolio, and expertise utilities.

The college’s supportive environment and additional services make it the best online college for military students.

2. Pennsylvania State University World Campus

PSWC offers over 125 online classes and an educational military aid crew that directs college troops during most of their schooling.

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Penn State World Campus has established itself as one of the top online colleges for the military by providing financial assistance and full support for the G.I. Bill and Yellow Ribbon Program.

3. Maryville University

Maryville University is regarded as one of the best colleges for active-duty military personnel. It has a solid plan to encourage active military delegates, veterans, and their close relatives to achieve their learning needs.

This same school, one of the best online colleges for military personnel, offers over 30 bachelor’s degree courses.

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4. Liberty University

Liberty University, in addition to adaptable online classes perfect for military personnel, military transfer credits, and student aid, is an associate of the Service members Opportunity Colleges Degree Network System.


This enables the school to provide additional services to military personnel. It protects them from losing course credits as a result of frequent transfers and duty station adjustments.

Liberty University is one of the top active-duty military schools online due to additional benefits like student aid.

5. Arizona State University

Arizona State University is one of the nation’s most prestigious universities. Over the previous year, over 7,000 military-affiliated participants have enrolled.

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Their detailed veterans center is intended to help the military and veteran communities succeed. This success extends not only to their academic endeavors but also to their personal lives.

6. Rutgers University-New Brunswick

New Jersey is the home of the Rutgers University Online training course. It is a school that offers low-cost tuition to veterans and active-duty military members.


It is a popular choice among military-friendly academic institutions. Moreover, their adaptable online bachelor’s degree programs combine realistic real-life experiences with interactive learning.

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7. Florida State University

This university offers a variety of programs to assist military members in achieving their academic objectives. They also help them in transferring knowledge gained from serving in the military to live after school.

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On our lineup, FSU has one of the most adaptable curricula. Their top-ranked online course system for veterans and active-duty personnel simplifies it, even more, to fit classes into a busy schedule.

8. Eastern Kentucky University

EKU is recognized worldwide as one of the best choices of online colleges for military personnel. For over 75 years, EKU has worked with military personnel.


The school is renowned for its accommodating and flexible course offerings across 40-degree options. It is also well-known for its dedication to educating our soldiers.

9. Park University

Park University is committed to collaborating with those who have contributed to making our world a more secure place via military service.

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Student soldiers have access to configurable educational schemes, tuition fee grants, and private mentorship from skilled professionals. Credit transfers for military-earned educational equivalence or on-the-job training are also available at Park University.

Students can test out of a course by passing an exam or demonstrating subject competency. This shortens and lowers the cost of their education.

10. University of Southern Mississippi

Over 45 undergraduate and graduate courses at the University of Southern Mississippi are accessible online. There are numerous options available to military students at USM.


The Center for Military Veterans, Service Members, and Families at the school exists to assist individuals who have served in the educational process.

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The school has an accommodating atmosphere that assists all military students to apply, obtain a degree, and reach their full potential, coupled with standard, faculty-developed online classes.

Is there any Financial Assistance for Online Military Students?

Financial support for schooling is one of the most potential advantages accessible to military personnel. There are two kinds of military benefits:

  • Numerous branches of the military offer tuition assistance to active duty service members.
  • The Veterans Administration offers GI Bill benefits to active-duty military personnel and veterans.

These beneficiary systems support current and former military personnel to pursue accredited associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in a variety of subjects on a full- or part-time basis.

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Financial support may also be used to pay for continuing education classes required to keep professional certification or licensure current.


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Military men who want to further their education while serving in the military have numerous options. Choosing one of the best online colleges for military students will assist them in embarking on an academic experience that will improve their service and ensure a peaceful flow to normal society.


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