15 Best Wrestling Camps for High School

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A wrestling camp will lead to major changes in your wrestling career. It’s one thing to go to a wrestling camp; it’s quite another to pick the best.

Choosing the top wrestling camps for high school is an excellent method to develop your skills.


For this reason, here are the best wrestling schools you can enroll in.

How much do wrestling camps cost?

It is important to know that although a lot of people may find wrestling camps quite expensive, some feel it is just perfect at such a cost.


So your love and determination for attending a wrestling camp will let you decide whether it is worth the price or not.

The average wrestling camps cost ranges between $900 and $2000.

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How to Choose a Wrestling Camp?

To begin, go to The Wrestling Camp’s website: Almost every camp has its website or at least a dedicated page on a larger website. You should be able to receive a wealth of important information, such as contact information and the location of the camp.
Also, look at a camp’s blog to determine whether they are industry experts.


Make A Call To The Camp: Make a list of any questions that the camp’s website does not answer. While some camps have staff available 24 hours a day, the vast majority do not.
If you cannot contact them, leave a voicemail until you can speak with them in person to assess their friendliness, professionalism, and competency.
If a camp does not respond to your calls, consider it unprofessional and avoid it at all costs; else, your wrestling experience will be spoiled.

Take into consideration the location of the Camp: You can easily find a wrestling camp by utilizing Google Maps or other mapping applications. Knowing the location will give you an accurate image of the surroundings and weather in the area.
You must ensure that it is reachable. If a camp is too far away and you don’t know how to get there, you shouldn’t go since you’ll waste too much time looking for it, which will cut into your wrestling time.

Check to see how big the camp is: You should be aware of the magnitude of the wrestling camp due to the big number of people scheduled to attend. Choose a camp with enough space to avoid congestion and difficulties reaching wrestling equipment, both of which can ruin your camping experience.

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What the Types of Wrestling Camps

Before picking which high school wrestling camps to attend, it’s critical to understand the many sorts of camps available. Wrestling camps are classified into two types:

Technique Camps: When browsing through lists of the best high school wrestling camps, you’ll see a lot of programs categorized as “technique” camps. What exactly are the lessons taught at these camps, and which wrestlers will benefit from them?
Technique camps are an excellent choice for new wrestlers who want to learn all of the techniques and positions that can be used during a match. It focuses on a wide range of wrestling techniques that can be used in any situation.

Intensive Wrestling Camps: For young wrestlers who are in great shape and want to push their game to the next level, intensive wrestling camps are the perfect alternative. Intensive programs assume that you are already well-versed in the principles of wrestling and its tactics.

These camps are designed to advance your training and prepare you for competition.


If wrestlers aren’t in great shape or are otherwise unfit, rigorous camps will eat them alive! Wrestlers must be at their top physical and mental fitness to thrive in grueling camps.

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10 Best Wrestling Camps For High School

  • 1. High Altitude Wrestling Camps
  • 2. Montana Intensive Wrestling Camps
  • 3. Thorn Wrestling Camps
  • 4. JROB Intensive Wrestling Camps
  • 5. Iowa Wrestling Camps
  • 6. Troy Steiner’s Bulldog Wrestling Camps
  • 7. Bull trained Wrestling Summer Camps
  • 8. Purler Wrestling Camps
  • 9. Cardinal Wrestling Camp
  • 10. North Carolina Wrestling Factory

1. High Altitude Wrestling Camps

High Altitude Wrestling Club was founded in 2005 by Chad Tunink, the owner and operator. What originated with ten wrestlers has evolved into one of Iowa’s best training organizations.

The High Altitude Wrestling Club trains hundreds of wrestlers each year at their several training locations around Iowa. The High Altitude Wrestling Club not only offers training facilities in Iowa, but they also hold several camps throughout the year (pre-season, in-season, winter break, and summer camps).


They began with just one camp at the Wesley Woods Camp & Retreat Center and have grown to provide up to six camps per year, with some on a waiting list.

2. Intensive Wrestling Camps in Montana

The Montana Intensive Wrestling Camp, founded in 2001, is one of the state’s oldest youth and among the best wrestling camps.

It hosts guest practitioners and a coaching staff that comprises some of the best in the state and country every year.

The six-day program will help you maximize your wrestling potential by teaching you the best tactics for wrestling, running, and weighing in for our sport.


All three wrestling styles (Folk, Free, and Greco-Roman), as well as all wrestling phases, will be covered (take-downs, reversals, escapes, riding, and pinning).

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3. Thorn Wrestling Camps

Thorn high school wrestling camps are tough 5-day programs designed to prepare wrestlers for state championships! During this session, there will be a lot of live wrestling and tough drilling.

The athletes will mostly concentrate on their takedowns. Students will be placed in camps depending on their weight and skill level using a particular selection system that will give the best learning environment possible.


The athletes drill what they’ve learned in that specific session at the end of each technical session. Live wrestling takes up the majority of the evening sessions.

4. JROB Intensive Wrestling Camps

JROB Wrestling Camps have three separate camp options: intense, competitive, and technique. Since its founding in 1978, JROB Intensive Camps has been the company’s cornerstone. Their one-of-a-kind training system is built on the premise that extreme challenges can lead to life-changing improvement.

JROB is the spark that accelerates their personal and athletic improvement by focusing on physical preparation, technical competence, mental resilience, and life skills. The purpose of the JROB Competition Camps is to make each wrestler a better competitor by mimicking a multi-day, away-from-home competition.

5. Iowa Wrestling Camps

Many programs preach the importance of building champions both on and off the mat, but they believe their track record speaks for itself. According to Assistant Head Coach Terry Brands, their goal is “to positively affect the morals, intellect, and bodies of student-athletes they are being trained to terrorize on the mat while staying ideal gentlemen in society.”


Iowa Wrestling Camps are committed to providing all campers with the same amount of support and teaching. Providing suitable training for Hawkeye student-athletes based on their age and expertise in the sport.

6. Troy Steiner’s Bulldog Wrestling Camps

Steiner’s Bulldog Wrestling Camps, featuring renowned doctors and camp counselors, are located in the center of California’s Central Valley wrestling hotspot. All levels of college-style wrestling are covered in the teaching sessions.

They cover everything from neutral to mat wrestling, strength and fitness, and, most significantly, the emotional component of professional wrestling. The rigorous camp is intended for advanced wrestlers who want to be pushed to new heights.

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7. Bull trained Wrestling Summer Camps

The Intensive and Technical Camps are both designed to provide concentrated study in a group setting. Sammi’s expertise would be beneficial to athletes of all ages and levels.

The camps offer a variety of position-based tactics and skills required to develop wrestlers into champions. BullTrained Wrestling programs include one-on-one training and fascinating seminars.

Advanced wrestling techniques, mental preparation, character development, and other topics are covered in the camp program.

8. Purler Wrestling Camps

Purler Wrestling Academy is not only the largest wrestling school in the country but also one of the most competitive. Their students have won numerous national team titles, as well as numerous state and national medals and honors.


Summer wrestling camps, competitive hammer camps during the season, and private team programs are all available.

9. Cardinal Wrestling Camp

The Cardinal Wrestling Club (CWC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing wrestlers with an environment and education that prepares them for section, state, and national competitions.

Through wrestling and the role of Stanford student-athletes, the CWC teaches, develops, and motivates its members to achieve their academic and athletic goals.

10. North Carolina Wrestling Factory

The NCWF aims to provide individuals with the opportunity and a program that promotes wrestling while also developing sportsmanship, individual character, strength, and stamina in a safe and competitive wrestling environment.


This initiative will be used as a springboard to improve the wrestling programs at the junior high and high school levels whenever possible.

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Your goal should be to find a camp that matches your current skill level and the type of coaching you desire. After you’ve determined those two characteristics, you’ll be able to select the wrestling camp that’s best for you. So which caught your attention?



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