13 Trending Mechanical Engineering Magazines

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Numerous engineers are unaware of the existence of mechanical engineering magazines. They are aware of ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) but seem to be unaware of the most vital asset in their field.

Surprisingly, the majority of these mechanical engineering magazines are freely available in either printed or electronic formats.


What Is the Purpose of a Mechanical Engineering Magazine?

While Mechanical engineers develop devices that aid people. Mechanical engineers have also impacted almost every product/service in a specific manner.

Because mechanical engineers deal with ever-changing problems, reading magazines in their field is the surest option to stay up to date.


Mechanical engineering undergraduates can use these magazines as a professional manual, introducing new fields in which they can focus.

Furthermore, some of them provide job ads, innovative ideas, and even difficulties reported in mechanical engineering divisions.

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The best Mechanical Engineering magazines on the internet, are classified by connectivity, followers on social media, online visibility, and wholesomeness. And by these criteria, we have listed out some of the best engineering magazines you can find today.



Founded in 1880 as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, ASME is a non-profit specialist organization that fosters the crucial function of the engineer in the community through cooperation, information exchange, and skills enhancement across all engineering fields.

ASME, therefore, assists the international engineering society in developing practical solutions.

2. Nature – Mechanical engineering

Mechanical engineering is the technological discipline concerned with moveable devices and their elements. The transmission of energy from one kind to another to meet a particular requirement is a basic aspect of mechanical engineering. Chemical energy is converted into kinetic energy in car engines, for instance.

3. Frontiers in Mechanical Engineering

Frontiers in Mechanical Engineering is a new multidisciplinary magazine that aims to highlight and fill the gaps between different areas of research in Mechanical Engineering.


4. SAGE Journals –  International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education

The International Journal of Mechanical Engineering Education is aimed at higher education teachers and trainers of mechanical engineering students, and it focuses on the principles and practices of training professional, technical, and mechanical engineers, as well as those in related fields.

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5. Assembly Magazine

Assembly is an unrestricted magazine published by BNP Media for production specialists responsible for overseeing item production lines in the original equipment industry.

It publishes a monthly printed and electronic publication on tech, innovative thinking, and best practices in fabrication arrangement.


It primarily addresses practices, technologies, and assembly in the automobile, aviation, and appliance industries.

6. Machine Design

Machine Design, like Assembly Magazine, is a manufacturing engineering publication.

It is a bimonthly publication in the United States for design engineers and construction managers.

Computer-aided design and production (CAD/CAM), electronics and communication, assembling and connecting, fluid strength, production, specialized equipment, mechanical engineering, and motion control are all covered.


7. PTE

Power Transmission Engineering Magazine is ideal for those who are passionate about automobiles. You will obtain pertinent automobile documentation.

This mechanical engineering magazine’s information is exceptional in that it is trustworthy and based on cutting-edge technology.

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8. Gear solution Magazine

This magazine will teach you how to make automobile parts efficiently. You’ll also gain knowledge about the gear industry, and gear manufacturing processes such as raw resources, design, expense, heat treatment, product testing, process flow, and much more.


The lubricants and brake fluid used in automobiles can also be found here.

This mechanical engineering magazine is one of the best because it is compact and easy to understand for students.


Of all of the mechanical engineering magazines mentioned in this article, IMPO is the only publication that covers all mechanical engineering subjects.

With new tools, videos, and technical content, IMPO assists industrial maintenance and plant operations professionals in overcoming the challenges they face daily. Which also makes it one of the trending Mechanical Engineering Magazines.


10. Marine log

Any mechanical engineer interested in working in the marine industry should check the marine log magazine regularly.

It is a monthly marine market publication that provides professionals with details on designing, building, and working vessels, setups, and marine platforms.

11. NASA Tech Briefs

This mechanical engineering magazine is essential for any techie looking to up his play.

NASA publishes a tech summary magazine about innovation. These innovations can be used to create new products and solve manufacturing issues.


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12. Turbomachinery International

Turbomachinery International is an engineering publication that offers details on companies involved in all aspects of energy, including power generation, electric utilities, and cogeneration, as well as oil and gas analyzing, petroleum refining, contraction, drilling, and discovery.

13. ILS

One more popular mechanical engineering magazine is Industrial Laser Solution. It is based on fresh concepts and methods used in metallurgy, molding and dies, containers, publishing, automobiles, electricals, and polymers manufacturing sectors.

These are accomplished through the use of industrial welding processes, labeling, drilling, heat treatment, and cutting equipment.


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Magazines are a fun way to learn. Reading is made more enjoyable by visuals. Mechanical engineering magazines are essential resources that assist mechanical engineers in their daily duties. As a mechanical engineer, you should not overlook these magazine publications.


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