7 Best Ways to Use Animation in Advertising

In the business society today, using animation in advertising your products is very essential. Hence, it comes as no shock that you want to know how to make use of this process.

In this article we will explain what animation is all about, what types exist and how to apply it in your adverts. So keep reading to learn more.

What is an animation?

The exact definition of an animation has no definite concept as it changes over the years with the evolution of technology. This is because animation initially stated on paper, but today it’s made with computer-related gadgets.

Animation simply refers to the concept of illusion where a set of still images mimics the characteristics of living beings. This is an art of making images alive by use of multiple papers or CGI.


Types of animation?

You can achieve the concept of animation through various techniques and methods. These techniques are grouped into some of the major types of animation listed below:

  • Traditional animation
  • 2D animation
  • 3D animation
  • Stop motion animation
  • Computer animation
  • Motion graphics
  • Cut-out animation

What does it mean to use animation in advertising?

Animation can be used in advertising different brands of several niches because of its wide areas of applications.

Using animation in advertising simply means making use of moving pictures to create a short scene. This scene has to be able to pass the information you wish to tell the audience.

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These animations may not necessarily be as an actual movie, it may just be a collection of educative images and sounds. Besides, research shows that this is one of the best and most effective ways to advertise a product.


So in order to get the best out of animation so that you can use it in your advertising, go ahead and read the next section.

How to use Animation in advertising?

When you make up your mind to incorporate animation in advertising your business, here are a few procedures to follow:

  • Have a clear objective
  • Get the script ready
  • Create your storyboard
  • Sort out for voice overs
  • Handle timing issues
  • Decide which animation style or design to use
  • Solve all copyright and distribution issues

1. Have a clear objective

Just like every other activity, animation requires you to be sure of what you want. Before you can successfully make a good animation, you need to first decide what you want it to be like.

You can start by imagining what outcome you want, ensuring that it reflects what your business is all about. It this stage, you need to ensure that your desired animation will properly tell the audience what you want to tell them.


2. Get the script ready

Every video needs a script and since the animations are basically forms of videos, they also need scripts. A script is simply a breakdown of each of the scenes or actions that need to occur in the video.

A script must therefore contain the characters, their individual speeches and actions all in a written document. This will make it easier for your animation to be produced in advertising the business.

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3. Create your storyboard

A storyboard is simply a set of frames with possible images or sketch of what each actor scenes should look like. These frames will also have clear descriptions of what is happening in each of these scenes.

For this particular step in including animation in advertising your business, you may have to employ a professional.


4. Sort out for voice overs

Note that not all advert animations actually require a voice over, however, voice overs makes the video more understandable.

A voice over is simply a voice record giving a proper description of the video as it plays out from scene to scene. And for this, you can either sort for voice over artists or do your own voice recording.

5. Handle timing issues

Timing is a very important property and factor to consider when using animation in advertising a product or business. You should decide on how long you want the ad video to be and how long each scene should be.

However have in mind that your audience may not really have excess time to spare on a single advert. Therefore, always try to make your videos short but completely detailed.


6. Decide which animation style or design to use

Remember how we talked about the different types of animation earlier in an above section? Well, that applies here too when you want to use animation in your adverts.

You need to decide whether you want your animations to be in 2d styles or more like 3d cartoons. This decision will be very important for your video production team to know what to work with.

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7. Solve all copyright and distribution issues

As a business owner, you definitely don’t want to encounter any copyright issues during your advert. So if possible, try to make use of your own characters and images or even your own phrases.

You should also make enough inquiries to make sure that you are not about to use someone’s character. Even your music selection should pass through this stage.


Is it necessary to use animation in advertising a business?

All I can say is that there are many good reasons why every business need to use animation in advertising their products. And below are some of these reasons:

  • Advertising with animations are way more cheaper than using the normal human video process.
  • Besides, your audience will tend to find animations more interesting than live-shows in advertising scenes.
  • One other importance of using animation in advertising is that its more possible to show almost anything.
  • Unlike in real life, you are not bound to the laws of science, therefore, adverts made with animations are more creative and entertaining.


Making use animation in advertising your business, brand or product and service is one of the trends of today. Technology now makes it easier to achieve this by providing many softwares to aid with the process.

Therefore, if you are looking into giving it a try, this article outlines the necessary steps for you to follow.


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