Best Ways to Make Money on Autopilot in 2023

Making money on autopilot for free requires doing the work earlier in order to receive consistent income from several sources.

Money from autopilot is revenue derived from continuous income that requires little to no work on the part of the recipient to retain.

In this article, we will be going through what autopilot income is all about and some of the best ways to make money on autopilot for free. With that said, let’s get down to business.

What Is an Autopilot Website?

This is simply just a website that makes it easy for you to earn either money or traffic. For the scope of this article, autopilot websites can be seen as sites that require little or no effort at all for users to make some income.


There are several autopilot websites in the online market today and all of them also have different ways by which users can make some decent money.

As you keep reading, we have listed out just a few of these websites as well as discussed a little on how they work or pay users.

How Much Can You Make on Autopilot?

The truth is, you will definitely not get rich quick through autopilot incomes. However, you can definitely make a good amount of income just by doing simple things you probably do every day without a reward.

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Note that the amount of money you can make varies between the different autopilot platforms and how they work.


For certain platforms, you can earn anything between $0.5 – $10 daily, whereas on others you can be making as much as $300 – $1000 per month. It all depends on the process and dedication.

How to Make Money on Autopilot for Free

When it comes to making money on autopilot, we have grouped the possible steps into three categories. These categories would make it easier for you to pick which of the steps is a perfect fit for you.

Below is the list of ways as well as possible platforms to try out in order to make money on autopilot for free by doing things you already do.

  • Paying Bills.
  • By Exercising.
  • Cashback.
  • Getting your free money back.

1. Paying Bills

You’re now wondering how you spending money on bills helps you make money right?


Well, why don’t you just check out ‘Trim‘ and see for yourself? Trim is a financial platform that helps you in saving money when it comes to bill payments.

There are several ways it does this, but one way is by automatically stopping subscriptions that it senses you are no longer using.

You can as well check out their FAQ page to find out more on how to use it and make lots of money on autopilot this 2023.

2. By Exercising

Funny right? Imagine getting paid for simply doing exercises just like losing weight. Well, this is 100% real and if you’re looking for motivation to lose weight, you should try this out.

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This can really be cool for Overweight and obese people, this time losing weight becomes a fun with challenge and cash prizes.

HealthyWage is a platform that lets you set a goal on the amount of weight you plan to use. And if you are able to meet this goal, you get paid through cheque or PayPal.

Its signup is completely free and as stated by its owners, its goal is just to help people loss weight in a fun way.

3. Cashback

We all love the concept of cashback whenever we make a purchase online right? I mean, who doesn’t love to receive a cashback when he or she buys a grocery or even a data subscription?


The truth is, there are many platforms out there that offer cash back, however, Rakuten seems to be one of the best.

Rakuten is an online store that pays your cash back into your PayPal account when you make purchases. And even more interesting, they offer a $10 cashback on first-time signup.

Now How Can you Make Money on Autopilot in 2023 with Rakuten cashback?

The solution is simple, help your family, friends, and even anyone to buy things online, recharge, and also paybills.


You can become a mini agent who buys, recharge and pay bill for others, you can also deliver for a fee while making money on cashbacks too.

4. Getting Your Free Money Back

Several online stores offer a refund policy if there is a price drop in the purchased items. However, most times you have to be the one to request this by yourself.

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Capital One Shopping, therefore makes this easier for you by simply searching your emails for online purchase receipts. When it finds any that has a possible price drop, it automatically requests your refund.

The best part is you don’t even have to be aware of this. Just sign up, and give the necessary permissions and you’re good to go.


Learn to Make Money on Autopilot Using Investment?

These suggestions will help you know how to invest your money, time, and efforts to make money on autopilot for free. Although in some cases you may have to invest all or nothing at all.

1. Stock Dividends

The average millionaire is estimated to have seven sources of income. Normally, dividend stocks are included in the combo. Identical to normal shares of stock, dividend stocks give you a small piece of their earnings on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Building a portfolio of dividend-paying equities that will provide passive income, is therefore a good move. You can check the wide internet for possible platforms to help you with this.

2. Investing in Real Estate

Doesn’t it sound wonderful to invest in property sales without having to deal with the hassles of property management?


With Fundrise, you may now invest as little as $10 in massive real estate. Investors who used their investments in real estate packages last year made an average return of 8 to 11 percent on their capital, all without having to re-paint a wall or deal with difficult tenants.

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This software actually pays you, which is why they presently have over 200,000 users.

3. Blogging

Do you like writing? Why not invest your time and effort into blogging and actually make money from it?

When you venture into blogging, you get to gain from all angles in the sense that you can showcase your write-up to the public while also making some passive income from it.


Besides, there are several niches to write on and multiple platforms to use. But for a start, why not check out WordPress?

Use Your Asset to Make Money on Autopilot

To start earning passive income, you won’t really have to spend much effort or money. Without you noticing it, you could be surrounded by resources that provide income.

Well, you can examine your belongings carefully to see if there are any that you can utilize to generate passive income. Additionally, I’ll show you the steps of beginning to make money on autopilot for free with assets.

1. Rent Out Your Room or Apartment

Do you have a spare room that you aren’t using or are always on the road probably for a business trip? Why not rent out your room space to tourists who just need a place to stay for a few days but don’t want to go to the hotel.


Pricing, availability, and how you engage with visitors are all completely under your entire control as a host. You can quickly earn $500 or more per month while keeping 97% of the profits.

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Because it offers tourists a comfortable and economical option, Airbnb has become incredibly popular all around the world. If you have a spare room or plan to be away for a while, you can host guests on Airbnb.

2. Rent Out Your Sporting Gears

You don’t have a spare room to rent out? Well, that’s still ok, especially if you have some nice sports equipment in your garage. Why not rent those instead?

On Spinlister you can easily place for rent any of your sports equipment that you don’t usually use so often. Moreover, it’s best to make some money with these gears rather than leave them laying around right?


3. Offer Delivery Services

I know sometimes its hard to just give out your properties to strangers, especially if you are an introvert. Well, don’t worry this final option should definitely do the trick for you.

If you have a vehicle, and you’re probably free, why not make money on autopilot for free by offering delivery for some online stores? Simply use your vehicle to take the package from the depot to the costumer’s address and get paid for it.

DoorDash is a great place to start from. Here you simply deliver foods to the client’s who purchased them within your registered area.


You ought to have discovered a passive income method that works for you if you’ve read these ways to make money on autopilot for free. Since I realize that producing money isn’t simple, this list should have made it easier for you to come up with some solid side hustle concepts.

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