Best States to Invest in Multifamily Real Estate

Many investors today want to invest in Multifamily Real Estate properties but don’t know the best states to do it in.

Well if you are one of these investors, or this is your first time investing in any property, you are in luck.

This article will educate you on everything you need to know about Multifamily real estate investment and how to do it.

You’ll also be provided with lists of the best states to invest in all around the world, based on a careful survey and research.


However, if these sound new to you, let’s start from the basics by knowing what Multifamily real estate is all about.

What is Multifamily Real Estate all about?

Any residential property with more than one rental unit is considered a multifamily residence. A multifamily residence is anything like a duplex, townhome, or apartment complex.

An owner-occupied property, however, is one in which the property owner decides to reside in one of their multiple units.

In Multifamily Real Estate, unlike single-family real estate, the investor buys a single house with many blocks.


This makes it easier for his managing team to manage, giving room for a bigger profit from a single purchase.

However, there are a few things one must take into consideration before deciding on whether or not to invest in Multifamily Real Estate in any of the best states.

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Things to Consider before you Invest in Multifamily Real Estate

Listed below are some things which you may consider as reasons why it is better to invest in Multifamily than in single-family real estate.

Obviously, not all the points listed down will seem favorable for you as a potential investor but just know them at least.


1. Estimate Value of Property

Multifamily real estate can be a costly thing to invest in any of the best states today. While purchasing a single-family home might be expensive, purchasing a multi-family residence can be even more so.

The cost of buying varies according to the kind of property and can reach thousands of dollars for buildings with several residences, especially if it is in a very attractive location.

However, there are several other factors to consider before completing the purchase. Not only must you evaluate the cost value and residential styles, but you must also consider local laws and occupancy rates.

Other important factors to consider are the total price of repairs and other expenses such as utilities, which can be costly.


2. Attractive Income Rate

Multifamily real estate produces a constant stream of money flow. This holds regardless of whether a few occupants are late on their rent or the house has a few vacancies.

A 10-unit building with one vacancy, for instance, will have only a 10% decrease in income due to the vacancy. However, when a tenant vacates a single-family home, it goes completely vacant until it is rented again.

All of this adds up to a less hazardous investment for a financier, as well as a more attractive rate of return for the property owner.

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3. ”Kill-Two-Birds-With-One-Stone” Tactic

Multifamily real estate is also ideal for investors looking to establish a big portfolio of rental units. Buying a 20-unit apartment building is significantly easier and faster than buying 20 distinct single-family homes.


With the second approach, you would need to communicate with 20 separate sellers and do home checks on 20 separate residences, each at different locations.

In some circumstances, this method would also necessitate obtaining 20 different loans for each house. You’d be better off and avoid all the difficulties if you bought one property with 20 apartments.

4. Reducing Person Cost of Living

Many investors want to reduce their living costs by relocating to one of the apartments in a multifamily building and renting out the others (known as an owner-occupied property).

Often, the money from the other units covers the cost of the loan, allowing the investor to live in their property for little or no expense.


What are the Best States to Invest in Multifamily Real Estate?

If you have access to enough capital or loan and you wish to invest it in real estate, preferably in Multifamily properties.

Then there are some of the best states all over the world for you to visit and hope to make the best profit from your investment.

Best States to Invest in Multifamily Real Estate in the USA

These states in the United States will surely give you good returns if you invest in Multifamily Real Estate here.

  • New York
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • California
  • Florida
  • Oklahoma
  • Arizona
  • New Jersey
  • Georgia
  • Ohio
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Best States to Invest in Multifamily Real Estate in Europe

You can even earn in Pounds just by investing in any of these states in the United Kingdom. You’ll surely not be wasting your money or efforts if you invest in Multifamily Real Estate in any of these states.

  • North Holland
  • South Holland
  • Zeeland
  • Nyborg
  • Odense
  • Monte-Carlo
  • Monaco-Ville
  • Limburg
  • Luxembourg
  • East Flanders

Best States to Invest in Multifamily Real Estate in UAE

Why not be one of the millionaires making cool cash in this wealthy part of the world by investing in any of the states below?

  • Abu Dhabi
  • Dubai

Best States to Invest in Multifamily Real Estate in Australia

Such a cool place to invest your money in Multifamily Real Estate properties, as families tend to move into these states a lot.

  • Queensland
  • Western Australia
  • Victoria
  • Tasmania

Best States to Invest in Multifamily Real Estate in Germany

Why not consider earning passive income from these nice German states by just investing in any of their real estate?

  • Bremen
  • Berlin
  • Saxony
  • Hamburg

How to invest in Multifamily Real Estate in any of the best states?

Investing in multifamily homes may appear intimidating, but it could be the key to expanding your investment portfolio and generating additional passive income.


The method of purchasing a first-time multifamily property is simple when broken down into smaller stages.

It’s also critical to understand the acquisition process while creating a multimillion-dollar portfolio of multifamily homes.

Here are some basic things to do when investing in a property as big as a multifamily real estate in one of the best states.

  • Hunt for a nice property in a favorable location
  • Investigate the condition of the property (both physical and legal conditions)
  • Investigate the actual price of the property along with any extra charges
  • Make your offer
  • At this point, if you and whoever is involved are ok with the prices, go ahead and make payments.
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Please, make sure that you have an experienced lawyer with you throughout these steps before you make your payments.


How much Profit can you make when you invest in Multifamily Real Estate?

For an average real estate investor, income is likely to fall anywhere between $70,000 and $130,000 every year.

People who invest in Multifamily Real Estate in good states, however, make more money per year, as they get paid in bulk.

In essence, a multifamily real estate investment can make you an attractive profit of over $200,000 annually in a good location.

The 50% Income Rule in Real Estate Investment

The 50% rule is kinda like a code of conduct used to manage the profitability and sustainability of multi-family investments.


The code of conduct states that real estate owners ought to split their entire income from rental fees in half.

Half of the money must be used to cover any property-related expenses, while the other half is set apart as profit.


Not only is it profitable to invest in Multifamily real estate in these states, but you may also have an opportunity of living there. As stated in the article, there are a lot of benefits that come from investing in Multifamily properties rather than single-family ones.


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