INF Premier Insurance Review, Cost & Benefits

INF Premier is a high-quality health insurance plan intended exclusively for international visitors to the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

The INF plan provides limited coverage for medical costs linked to accidents, injuries, and diseases for travelers with pre-existing conditions.

Travelers with persistent illnesses or any accident or illness identified prior to departure should have a pre-existing condition travel medical insurance package.

It is also a renewable plan with no governmental limits that provides enough basic health care.


Let’s take a look at what INF Premier Insurance is all about, and check if it is worth giving a try.

What is INF Premier Insurance all about?

INF Premier is a modest travel Health insurance policy that offers specified rates for hospitalization and urgent care for travelers to the United States during their journey and brief time away from their homeland.

The length of coverage ranges from 90 to 364 days. After the deductible is met within the United Healthcare PPO Network in the United States, the insurance provider pays up to the declared price in the policy document for every eligible medication or therapy.

The Benefits of the INF Premier Insurance

Like every other insurance company, one needs to know what benefits await anyone that tries out this company’s insurance policy. Here are some of the benefits some customers claim to have observed from using this policy.

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  • Covers Existing Medical Conditions
  • This also includes COVID-19 coverage
  • It is easy to cancel or extend an insurance plan
  • Offers Medical Protection While Traveling
  • Has a plan of Basic Health service coverage
  • Coverage duration ranges from 90 to 364 days

Eligibility Criteria to qualify for this Insurance

Here are a few things to take note of before proceeding to apply for any of the INF Premier Insurance policies or plans.

  • Only non-residents and non-citizens of the United States who are visiting the United States, Canada, or Mexico are eligible.
  • The age of the applicant must be from 18 to 99 years old
  • INF Premier only accepts coverage for at least 90 days and at most 364 days
  • An extension for a little than 364 days is also acceptable
  • Before leaving the residential nation, the applicant must acquire insurance.
  • In addition, the member must provide their I-94 form.

When will the travel insurance coverage begin and end?

The premium Travel Insurance plan kicks off at the beginning of the journey, which includes any layovers, and ends when you go back to your nation of permanent residency.

If you are visiting with your partner, they may be listed as a dependent if they qualify for the identical type of insurance as you.

Difference Between the INF Premier and the INF Elite Insurance

The Premier Plan is the only limited benefit (Scheduled Benefits) plan that includes complete already present protection.


While the Elite Network Plan is a unique complete visitor medical insurance plan that includes full pre-existing protection.

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The INF Premier and INF Elite visitor insurance policies, however, have no look-back period.

What is the Maximum limit for a pre-existing condition?

If you are suffering from an illness or got any drugs or therapy within the last 12 months earlier than when your coverage starts.

And you also need healthcare along the way, the Accident and Sickness Medical Expense Benefit with a $75 or $250 deductible for ages 0-69, and $25,000 for the Accident and Sickness Medical Expense Benefit with a $250 or $500 deductible for age 70-99, can be accessible.


How to Apply for the INF Premier Insurance Plan

To apply for the INF travel plan, simply visit their official website and follow the given procedures, or you can contact them directly.

In order to speak directly with any of their customer services, dial this official number 408-222-1110.

However, you can still get a lot of useful answers to some of your questions on their FAQ page below:

How to Cancel the INF Premier Insurance

Premium refunds will mainly be granted if INF Health Care gets the request for cancellation form prior to the start of coverage.


As opposed to other insurance providers that offer partial refunds, INF does not allow cancellation beyond the policy’s effective date.

As a result, registering for two to three months and then renewing is preferable to subscribing for up to six months at a time.


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