10 Best Insurance Broker in Des Moines USA

As someone in Des Moines who may want to purchase an insurance plan, a reliable broker can be of good help to you

The insurance plan may be for you or your family, either way, an insurance broker is capable of making the process easier.

But aside from making the insurance process feel less stressful and complex, let’s take a look at some other roles of an insurance broker. You’ll also get to see the best ones to pick from in Des Moines as your favorite Insurance broker.

What does an Insurance Broker do?

Insurance brokers have business relationships with insurance firms. That said, as experts in the area, they’re aware of what companies to partner with.


As a result, you can be confident that their suggestions are entirely neutral and to your greatest benefit.

When you reach out to an insurance broker for a quote, they will initially collect some specific data about you and evaluate your needs.

They will continue by contrasting coverages from multiple insurance firms to give you a list of the most favorable terms and costs.

Insurance Broker vs Insurance Agent in Des Moines

When you search for insurance on the internet, you’re bound to come across two sorts of insurance specialists. One of which is an insurance agent and the other profession is that of an insurance broker.


As a result of this, it is very essential to know how different these two professions are, and what they each do.

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Insurance brokers operate directly with insurance purchasers and are not affiliated with insurance firms in any way.

They use their skills, talents, and know-how to assist clients in examining insurance and in select the most suitable plan for them.

An insurance agent, however, is an official who works for insurance firms as a point of contact. They assist their clients in selecting the appropriate insurance, but they serve as the insurance firm across every step.


An insurance agent allows their customer to select from the carrier’s various policies.

Things to Consider Before Hiring an Insurance Broker in Des Moines

It won’t be a surprise if by now you’re already eager to hire an insurance broker right now. However, there are a few things you must have in mind before proceeding with your plan.

Inadequate Training and Experience

Insurance brokers are not trained by insurance firms in the same way that insurance agents are. As a result, they may not be familiar with all the exact information or accessible discounts and deals.

This means they may be charging their clients an amount of money that is way above the actual rate for the plan.


Counting on Insurance Agents

Because insurance brokers serve their clients rather than the insurance company, they are unable to secure policies and must give the task to an insurance agent.

Financial Goals

As previously stated, insurance companies pay insurance brokers. Some insurance firms reward brokers who exceed their marketing targets with benefits.

This may imply that certain insurance brokers are more likely to offer to you the plans of one provider than another.

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Best Insurance Broker in Des Moines

Listed below is a collection of both agencies and independent Insurance brokers who have made their names in Des Moines. Carefully go through this list and make your decision on which of this Des Moines Insurance brokers you want to hire.


1. Crumes Insurance

Crumes Insurance has more than seven years of expertise and has served countless individuals in the West Des Moines area.

It focuses on supplying its clients with health and life insurance, like dental coverage, and Medicare Supplement aid.

It is dedicated to assisting people in selecting the best insurance policy for their specific requirements.

Crumes Insurance representatives strive for client happiness and therefore, give close attention to their clients’ interests.


2. AKP Health insurance

Second, on our list of best insurance brokers is a health insurance agency in Des Moines that assists people. It provides personalized counseling to assist Iowans in looking for insurance plans that meet their requirements.

It also provides eyesight insurance plans that include LASIK eye savings, eye tests, and glasses coverage. Its dental plans, however, usually consist of just preventive and maintenance procedures as well as teeth cleanings.

Some of its agents have been in the business for more than a decade. However, a few of them focuses more on commercial and personal insurance products.

3. ITG Worldwide Insurance Broker, Des Moines

Located at 6600 University Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50324 is an insurance brokerage named ITG Worldwide.

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This agency provides a variety of dental, and long-term foreign health plans from insurance firms like GeoBlue, and MetLife.

It also offers other forms of insurance coverage for Chinese visitors who came to the United States, as well as students.

ITG Worldwide also collaborates with consultants to provide services such as war-zone coverage, and accident insurance.

4. Jean Jones

Jean Jones is an Aflac registered insurance broker who provides insurance assistance to people in the Des Moines metro area.


He provides health and life insurance quotations to both private and business customers. Cancer insurance, collision coverage, disability coverage, and emergency insurance plans are his specialties.

He also offers private insurance options for supplemental health insurance and consultation expense coverage.

5. Fulcrum Benefits Inc. Insurance Broker, Des Moines

Fulcrum Benefits, Inc. has been providing Des Moines clients with health insurance requirements for over 20 years now.

To assist clients in navigating the insurance market, it relies on its experience working with some of Iowa’s largest insurers.


It collaborates with people and corporations as nonprofit organization to address their concerns in getting suitable medical insurance for them or their company.

Fulcrum Benefits also provides services to a wide range of companies, including building and the retail sector.

6. Montgomery-St. John Insurance

Montgomery-St. John Insurance Agency in Des Moines provides a variety of health insurance options. Family and personal wellness insurance, as well as dental and eye protection, are available through the firm’s medical insurance plans.

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Its insurance experts also assist clients in making intelligent selections by assisting them through the evaluation of supplemental insurance options.


They also provide pregnancy and Medicare supplementary plans, disability, medical, and pediatric medical coverage.

Cody Smith, this agency’s current president as of the time of writing, has worked as an insurance broker since 2009.

7. Kelderman Insurance

Kelderman Insurance is a health insurance firm based in Des Moines, Iowa. It offers Medicare Advantage plans that include vision, hearing, and dental care.

Customers can also take advantage of its Medicare Supplements products, which have easier terms. In addition, the organization offers long-term care and prescription drug policies.


It holds Medicare workshops on a regular basis. Jon Kelderman, the company’s proprietor, tries to help clients achieve optimal health protection.

8. Steve Curren

Steve Curren is the second licensed independent insurance broker in Des Moines who serves customers of all kinds.

He has been in the insurance market since 2008, offering full protection tailored to the demands of his clients.

Curren also assists clients in managing routine risks and recovering from the unforeseen. He provides a variety of products, including health, life, property, and vehicle insurance, as well as retirement and banking services. Pet, commercial real estate, and business insurance are among his various goods.


9. Tony Weisshaar

Tony Weisshaar is also an insurance broker in Des Moines who provides clients with short-term and long-term medical coverage.

He offers common types of insurance, like life, house, auto, and business insurance. Tony has over 16 years of expertise in the field.

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Therefore, he teaches clients about the various options available, assisting them in making an informed selection depending on their objectives and budget.

He also offers monetary products such as banking practices, investment funds, and pensions in addition to insurance.


10. Valley Junction Insurance Broker, Des Moines

Valley Junction Insurance Service is a health insurance firm serving Des Moines and the surrounding areas.

The organization is made up of certified insurance brokers with more than five decades of total professional experience.

This team of professional insurance brokers provides Medicare supplements, disability insurance, and long-term care.

Valley Junction Insurance Service also offers several types of life, house, and business insurance. The agency covers term, complete, and international life insurance plans.



Even though costs almost nothing to hire an insurance broker in Des Moines, it is very important you work with one who is licensed.

There are a lot of insurance brokers in the market today, but not all of them can be relied on. This list above will help you with the best and most reliable insurance brokers in Des Moines you can work with.


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