Best Health Insurance Broker in Fort Worth

Are you in need of a reliable broker in Fort Worth to help you choose the best health insurance for yourself or your family?

Well, you are in luck, as this article compiles and briefly describes 10 of the best brokers you can work with in Fort Worth.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in seeing, then proceed to the next section as we begin.

Who is a Health Insurance Broker in Fort Worth?

An insurance broker is a professional who acts as the connection between the client and the insurer while supporting the client in determining the most suitable plan for their specific needs.


Insurance brokers represent clients instead of insurers and, as a result, are unable to win a policy in favor of the insurer.

Therefore, a health insurance broker in Fort Worth is basically a specialist who helps people in choosing the best health insurance for them.

Difference between an insurance broker and an insurance agent in Fort Worth?

An insurance agent works for a few insurance firms and can help you choose a plan for free. Because they are knowledgeable about the firm’s offerings, they can aid you in selecting the greatest coverage their organization has.

An insurance broker, however, can help you find insurance coverage from multiple insurers. Brokers are professionals in comparing policies from multiple vendors.


As a result, they may counsel you on the kind of insurance you need while staying within your budget.

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Best Health Insurance Broker in Fort Worth

If as a resident of the Fort Worth province, you desire to purchase health insurance but need a good broker to aid.

Search no more as the most reliable brokers have been compiled and listed below for you to choose the one you feel more comfortable with.

1. Hall Insurance Agency

Hall Insurance Agency is located at 5421 Basswood Blvd #780, Fort Worth, TX 76137, this is an insurance agency, that is owned by a family.


The company offers a variety of insurance plans, including life, accident, residence, health, vehicle, and business liability.

They also provide programs for enterprises and corporations such as Safeco Insurance, Humana, MetLife, and others.

Its insurance brokers are not only competent but also excellent at their job. Their years of expertise as brokers and dealing with a large client base have given them the knowledge to guarantee that you along with your insurance policy are taken good care of.

2. Lay and Williams Health Insurance Broker, Fort Worth

Lay and Williams Health Insurance offer extraordinary services to people and businesses looking for the best health insurance solutions.


The organization tries hard to guarantee that its clients receive proper treatment. This is regardless of whether they possess health insurance, disability insurance, or any of the other insurance products offered by the firm or not.

Their brokers are not only skilled, but also highly trained, qualified, welcoming reliable, and will ensure that each customer is well taken care of.

This customer-oriented insurance firm consistently succeeds owing to its genuine concern for all of its clients. And will, therefore, ensure that if the time comes, their clients and the value of their property are not compromised.

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3. Cordell & Company Insurance Agency

Cordell & Company is a Fort Worth-based health insurance broker service that has been in business since 1964.


It provides a range of health insurance services, including EPOs, HMOs, and PPOs. Furthermore, insurance agents help clients get critical health insurance plans, high-deductible health plans, and point-of-service plans.

They also offer personal insurance, storm insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, and commercial insurance, as well as a group health insurance plan.

Finally, Cordell & Company Insurance Agency has a sector that manages risk and finances.

4. Insurance4Dallas

Individuals and organizations in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas can turn to the Insurance4Dallas agency for risk control options.


It provides individual and corporate health insurance plans to safeguard clients and their households from the financial burdens that illnesses and injuries might cause.

Additionally, it provides life, vision, and dental insurance products from different providers such as Humana, Delta Dental, and Cigna.

It also aims to address concerns in the medical field, such as insurance premiums and the distinction between HMO and PPO systems.

5. Farm and Ranch Healthcare Inc. Health Insurance Broker, Fort Worth

Farm & Ranch Healthcare, Inc. has been providing Forth Worth clients’ Medicare health insurance demands since 1995.


Its representatives help clients choose the proper Medicare Supplement and Preferred plans that fit their healthcare needs.

Farm & Ranch Healthcare also sells life insurance. The agency’s independent specialists serve over 40 states and seek to help customers make informed judgments about the coverage they require by addressing their inquiries.

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6. Nations Insurance Solutions

Nations Insurance Solutions is a private enterprise based in Richland Hills, Fort Worth, that provides health insurance services to customers of all kinds in the Arlington area.

It is a reliable Insurance agency that provides individual, group, short-term, and Medicare Supplement coverage.


As well as assisting clients in acquiring other kinds of plans such as life, home, auto, and retirement insurance.

7. Health Coverage Made Simple

Specifically licensed by the Texas Department of Insurance, Health Coverage Made Simple is a Fort Worth-based insurance agency.

Even though it comes seventh on our list of health insurance brokers in Fort Worth, it is popular for having a number of health insurance alternatives.

Nick Overbey, the agency’s proprietor, works with clients and aids them in getting the best insurance for their scenario.


He possesses licenses in 32 states and works for a number of insurance companies. On his own web page, he also runs a podcast show in which he addresses insurance-related topics.

8. HealthGuys

Operating in about 40 states in the Us is the next health insurance broker agency on our list in Fort Worth, HealthGuys.

It offers health insurance plans in Fort Worth to freelancers and entrepreneurs based on their personal needs and budget.

This health agency provider provides a lot of insurance alternatives, such as Medicare medications, DMO, PDN, and PPO plans.


Its brokers also manage variable, long-term care, and life insurance products like term, convertible, permanent, and whole life. states.

9. Hawkins Insurance Group

Hawkins Insurance Group is a third-party insurance company that serves people of all ages in the Fort Worth metropolitan area. Just so you know, this is a family-run firm that has been in operation for nine years.

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It is a health insurance company that assists clients in obtaining Medicare Supplement and Savings Account policies. Other insurance options like cancer, heart attack, stroke, vision, and dental insurance are all also available through the company.

In addition to its insurance services, it also provides funding and pensions planning solutions, along with assets management services.


10. North Texas Health Agents

This is a small-scale and women-owned 30+ years old insurance firm in Fort Worth that offers health insurance plans.

Kiley Rahe and Windie Nelson founded North Texas Health Agency in 2009, heading a team that has now expanded to over 30 locations across the United locations.

Its plans are geared toward the self-employed, self-insured, and individuals without access to health insurance.


When dealing with insurance brokers in Fort Worth, it is critical to understand who you are dealing with. Most importantly, you must possess a fundamental understanding of how brokers work and how they may help you.



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