15 Highest Paying Photography Jobs to Start in 2024

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The highest-paying photography jobs have been at the top of the search list lately. Photography presents an artistic and fulfilling career path with the potential for a lucrative income. If you are contemplating a profession in photography, you may be curious about the highest-paying job options available.

Photography jobs encompass a range of skills, whether you aspire to be a photographer, the subject of the photograph, or contribute to the behind-the-scenes aspects of photo shoots. Within this field, you can also explore exciting opportunities to travel, connect with new clients, and nurture your creativity as a visual artist.


This article will discuss some of the highest-paying photography jobs currently available, shedding light on the responsibilities and duties associated with each role.

Why pursue a career in photography?

Landscape and  Nature Photography

Photography careers provide an avenue for unleashing creativity and collaborating with fellow artistic individuals, making it an exhilarating and satisfying path for those with an artistic flair.


Photographers often foster enduring professional bonds with clients as they capture significant life events like weddings, graduations, and family moments, solidifying their role in preserving cherished memories.

Additionally, photographers can explore opportunities in the commercial sector, such as capturing promotional images or producing visuals for print advertisements.

Photography encompasses diverse job opportunities, many of which involve skills beyond merely operating a camera. Technical roles abound, involving tasks like photo editing and overseeing various aspects of a photo shoot, such as lighting and location.

Moreover, photographers sometimes work with a beauty team of stylists to achieve the desired aesthetic for their subjects.


With a wide range of possibilities, you can undoubtedly discover a photography job that aligns with your interests and enables you to channel your skills while pursuing your passion.

How Much Money Do Photographers Earn on Average?

Photography Make Money

Among the lucrative occupations, fashion and wildlife photography are the most sought-after. Certain specialized fields, like medical photography and styling, necessitate specific training or diplomas, making them challenging for beginners to enter.

According to the Occupational Handbook released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), photographers earned an average hourly wage rate of $18.73 per hour in May 2021.

A stellar portfolio, excellent interpersonal skills, and valuable connections are crucial to embarking on a successful photography career. Gaining recognition in the industry is also essential to securing high-paying opportunities.


Embrace creativity and innovation in photography, and you’ll stand out and garner opportunities to participate in noteworthy projects.

Photography work is typically freelance, with busy periods. Successful photographers thrive under tight deadlines and produce imaginative concepts even in challenging situations. You’ll pave your path to success with creativity, determination, and a passion for photography.

15 Highest-Paying Photography Jobs

Film Set Photographer

Below are the highest-paying photography jobs to start and make lots of money:

1. Sports Photography

Sports photographers capture action shots in outdoor settings, gyms, or studios.


Succeeding in sports photography requires a passion for sports, as photographers engage with individuals who are deeply enthusiastic about the subject. Building connections within the sports community is essential for success. Additionally, specialized equipment is necessary to capture fast-paced motion, making experimentation with various shooting techniques crucial.

It is one of the highest-paying photography jobs.

Sports photographers typically earn an average annual income of about $70,000.

2. Freelance Photographer

Freelance photographers can set their schedules and explore diverse assignments across various industries, such as food, events, and more. However, income may fluctuate depending on market demand and competition.


Establishing a personal brand and expanding photography business contacts can help freelance photographers thrive. The average earnings for freelance photographers are around $30 per hour, or $56,000 annually.

3. Stylist

Stylists are responsible for creating outfits and makeup for models and planning photography compositions. They bring their creative ideas to life by sketching designs, selecting clothing items, and collaborating with makeup artists, wardrobe specialists, and art directors to ensure successful shoots.

Additionally, a keen eye for color coordination and an awareness of fashion trends are essential for stylists. Relevant education and training can enhance their skills and boost their confidence in this role. The salary for stylists typically ranges from $20,000 to $30,000 per year, or approximately $25 per hour.

4. Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is a sought-after profession that involves capturing images of models and products for magazines, catalogs, and advertisements. Different niches within fashion photography include high fashion, editorial, street fashion, and runway photography.


Fashion photographers invest considerable time and effort in perfecting each picture, ensuring they meet the desired composition. Excellent communication and posing skills are essential to working effectively with models.

Average salaries for fashion photographers typically range from $45,000 to $70,000 per year.

5. Photo Editor

Photo editors play a crucial role in post-processing and enhancing images. They utilize various computer programs to adjust lighting, exposure, color, and other settings to improve visual appeal.

In addition to technical photography skills, a good photo editor must be creative, possess excellent organizational abilities, and have strong interpersonal skills.


Photo editors earn approximately $16.10 per hour, with an average annual salary of $46,000.

6. Commercial Photography

Commercial photographers excel at showcasing products and services in an attractive manner for marketing and advertising purposes. Their expertise covers various fields, such as gadgets, furniture, food, and high-end promotional products. Creating captivating images that entice potential buyers is a crucial aspect of commercial photography.

Successful commercial photographers possess technical skills, including photo editing and post-processing knowledge. It is one of the highest-paying photography jobs.

Building an outstanding portfolio is vital for pursuing this high-paying photography job, which often offers an average annual income of $100,000 (including license fees).


7. Wedding Photography

Wedding photographers capture the joyous atmosphere of weddings, commemorating special moments for couples. Understanding and meeting the couple’s expectations is crucial for creating authentic and meaningful photographs.

Enthusiasm for wedding photography is essential to maintaining a genuine interest in capturing the celebratory event and avoiding perceiving it as artificial. Wedding photographers earn an income of about $50,000 per year.

8. Photojournalist

Photojournalists cover significant events and scenes, sharing news stories through compelling photographs published in newspapers and magazines. They possess excellent storytelling skills and may work for specific news agencies or operate as freelancers.

With accompanying descriptions and news texts, photojournalists play a vital role in delivering information to the public. The annual salary for photojournalists is around $42,000.


9. Photographer’s Assistant

Photographer’s assistants provide support during various phases of photoshoots, assisting with location scouting, equipment setup, and appointment bookings, among other tasks.

Effective communication and an understanding of the client’s requirements are essential for successful assistance.

Photographer’s assistants earn approximately $10 to $24 per hour, amounting to an annual income of $42,000.

10. Portrait Photography

Portrait photographers specialize in capturing significant life events, professional milestones, and family portraits or headshots. Creating a comfortable and natural atmosphere for subjects is crucial to ensuring clients’ satisfaction.


These photographers need a strong grasp of lighting, angles, and reflections. Additionally, they handle other responsibilities, such as image editing and framing photos. It is one of the highest-paying photography jobs.

The average salary for portrait photographers is typically $50,000 per year, while senior photographers may earn up to $82,000 annually.

11. Photography Instructor

Photography instructors have a diverse array of opportunities, from creating videos and articles to leading workshops and selling prints and resources. This role offers high flexibility, enabling many instructors to work from home or while traveling.

Although the job can be unpredictable and unstable, diversifying products and maintaining persistence can lead to success. The average annual salary for photography instructors ranges from $40,000 to $60,000.


12. Food Photographer

Food photographers specialize in capturing images of delectable dishes that appear both appetizing and natural. Achieving this requires skillful lighting techniques and the use of professional photography equipment.

This type of photography also extends to editorial shots of restaurant reviews featured in magazines. Food photographers aim to encapsulate the essence of a dining establishment, including its food, ambiance, patrons, staff, and unique setting.

Working swiftly within designated time frames is essential, particularly when setting up equipment in restaurants.

Collaboration with food stylists is common to ensure the best presentation of food.


The average annual salary for food photographers is around $40,270, while highly experienced professionals hired by renowned brands may earn up to $92,000. Hourly wages typically amount to $19.

13. Landscape and Nature Photography

Landscape and nature photographers embark on journeys worldwide to capture stunning scenes and document their extraordinary experiences. This profession demands years of experience and tremendous effort for each photograph.

Patience is a key virtue in nature photography, as wildlife photographers may spend weeks waiting to capture a specific animal in its natural habitat. Additionally, unpredictable weather conditions may require photographers to patiently await the perfect shot.

The average salary for landscape and nature photographers is typically $40,000 per year. However, the value of the remarkable life experiences gained in this field is immeasurable. It is one of the highest-paying photography jobs.


14. Medical Photography

Medical photographers capture images related to various aspects of medical care, including surgical procedures. Their work finds application in instructional materials, educational resources, and legal proceedings.

These photographers perform a diverse range of tasks, such as collecting statistics and digitizing images. Precision and attention to detail are vital to their craft.

Entering the field of medical photography often requires formal medical training, which is not a preferred option for many photographers. However, skilled individuals can find their niche in this unique area.

The average annual salary for medical photographers ranges from approximately $41,000 to $59,000.


15. Film Set Photographer

Film set photographers are responsible for capturing images of actors and scenes during film productions, which are used in posters and promotional materials for movies.

Frequently utilizing photo editing techniques, these photographers skillfully translate their creative ideas into compelling images.

Film set photographers may also document safety preparations on set to demonstrate compliance with regulations.

On average, film set photographers earn around $50,000 per year.



Photography offers diverse and rewarding career paths, with some jobs offering higher salaries than others.

Whether it’s capturing the beauty of food, exploring the wonders of nature, or documenting the excitement of sports, these highest-paying photography jobs provide a blend of artistry and skill that can lead to financial success and creative fulfillment.

Aspiring photographers with passion and dedication can find exciting opportunities to excel in their craft and make a mark in this dynamic industry.


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