How to Earn Interest on Crypto in Australia (2024)

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Are you someone who is in honest need of information on how to earn interest on crypto in Australia via investment?

Well, you must be in luck, as this article takes crucial steps to ensure that you are exposed to the vast world of cryptocurrency. In this article, you will not only learn what crypto is but also how to start your journey and earn from it too.

With that said, if you feel this is for you, let’s dive right into the main course by getting to know what crypto means.

What does crypto mean?

The term Crypto is an abbreviation for cryptocurrency, and you may have seen this across the internet. Well, it’s now become a very common and easy-to-use asset, so what is cryptocurrency?


A cryptocurrency is like virtual money that was produced via the use of certain techniques and algorithms. Hence, because of the use of these techniques, cryptocurrency may serve as both money and a virtual accounting system.

One of the popular questions that a lot of people ask is whether or not crypto is real money that is legal. It may interest you to know that a lot of modern e-commerce stores and websites now accept certain crypto payments.

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Even some of the world’s richest men have invested a lot of money in cryptocurrency while awaiting a huge turn-up.

So now that we have been able to open our minds to what crypto or cryptocurrency is all about, let’s go a little further on how to make use of it.


How do I invest in crypto and earn interest in Australia?

In contrast to other money equivalents and legal tenders that are subject to regulation by the financial governments in Australia, cryptocurrencies lack bank insurance coverage. In fact, you can directly store any cryptocurrency in an actual bank account.

This is why, to invest and earn from crypto in Australia, you need to have a crypto wallet. What is a crypto wallet, you say? Well, just think of it as a virtual account where you store your crypto coins, from which you can also transfer them to other people or sell the coins to buyers.

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Listed below are the four easy steps to starting your journey in the crypto investment world. All you need to do before you proceed is decide which crypto platform you wish to open your wallet with.

The most reliable crypto website you can create a wallet with in Australia to earn crypto will be discussed later in this article.


1. Open a Crypto Account in Australia

As mentioned, one of the first steps in investing in crypto so you can earn some interest in Australia is choosing which platform to use. By the time you are done reading this article, you will be aware of some of the best crypto websites you can earn some interest from in Australia.

However, after choosing a platform, the next step is to create an account with them. On some platforms, you may do this by clicking the ‘Sign up’ button, whereas on others, it may be the ‘Join us’ or ‘Register’ button.

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Once you click the right button, it will redirect you to a form screen where you are to fill in some data. Complete the forms with the necessary data and proceed to create your very own crypto account.

2. Verify Identity

After you submit your registration form, a lot of platforms will ask to verify your email address just to be sure it’s real. This may come as a set of codes to copy from your email and fill in the field, or a link to click on from your email. Just do as instructed and on time, as most email verification codes have a 5–15 minute expiration time.


After email verification, you may automatically be logged into your dashboard or redirected to the login screen. Once this happens, you’ve made a huge leap in your crypto journey.

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Now, not all platforms do this, but most of them may require an identification process using any legal ID card. On some platforms, this process is popularly known as KYC verification.

Once you provide the necessary credentials and your account gains full approval, you can proceed to the next step.

3. Deposit Funds

Just like in every country, you can’t hope to earn some interest in Australia without first investing in crypto. Hence, after your account is verified, you can follow the method of deposit and top up your wallet with money.


This deposit can be made via multiple popular payment gateways, depending on which platform the platform uses. It may be done via PayPal, Stripe, or even your usual day-to-day Card payment or Bank transfers

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4. Start Earning Interest on Crypto

After topping up your crypto wallet with a reasonable amount of money, it is now time to earn with crypto. You can go ahead and just buy a specific crypto coin and leave it for a period of time while hoping its value rises.

Or better yet, you can proceed to our next section, which talks about ways to earn a high interest rate on crypto in Australia.

Where can I earn a high interest rate on crypto in Australia?

Now that we have taken our little time to learn what cryptocurrency is all about and how it is being used, we have also seen how to create a crypto account and start investing in any coin of our choice.


Now, let’s see some of the most reliable websites to earn a good interest in crypto as a resident of Australia.

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Listed below are some of the most used and trusted platforms that handle cryptographic transactions. So feel free to visit them, read their policies, and begin your crypto journey with any of them.

Ways to Earn High Interest on Crypto in Australia?

Cryptocurrency is a relatively new and rather complex concept when it comes to marketing. So before you jump into it, take your time to study and grasp the knowledge of how it all works.

Investing in crypto does not guarantee you a favourable interest rate; you have to know when to invest and also monitor your investment. Cryptocurrency is like virtual money, meaning you can also lose it, just like you will lose money if you mess up a business.


With all that said, let’s gradually go through some of the reliable ways to earn a good interest in crypto in Australia. Note that these may not be the only ways to earn; you are free to also combine two or more of these methods wisely.

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1. Staking Cryptocurrency

Staking is one of the finest ways to make an income on crypto or earn some interest in Australia. It usually just entails the depositing of crypto tokens into a blockchain network. This blockchain, however, must operate through a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism.

When tokens are locked in the blockchain, they aid in ensuring the network is secured. As a result, for as long as the tokens are locked, the blockchain will keep rewarding those who staked.

Hence, staking is a less hazardous option than a savings account. This, however, implies that the crypto interest rates you’ll earn are usually lower.


2. Creating a Savings Account in Crypto

Another popular way to earn good interest on crypto investments in Australia is via a savings account. Many cryptocurrency websites or platforms often offer options for savings account investment.

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When users like you deposit money in these savings accounts, the platform frequently uses that money for third-party loans.

This allows the platform to earn some return and be able to pay you, the investor, some interest. However, keep in mind that people usually fail on loans, so savings accounts are not risk-free.

You should be aware of two terms associated with cryptocurrency savings accounts, as they will have an impact on your interest rate. These terms are ‘Lock-up account’ and ‘Flexible account’, and as their names imply, they determine your saving mode.


In a lock-up account, you can only withdraw at the end of the lock-up duration. However, a flexible account allows you to withdraw from your investment at any time you wish.

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With this, it is important to know that higher rates are usually provided for longer lock-up durations. Flexible accounts, on the other hand, will often offer lower rates.

3. Using De-Fi Platforms

Decentralized finance (De-Fi) is a new approach for organizing and facilitating bitcoin transactions, exchanges, and financial services.

There is no centralized authority in De-Fi. Instead, authority is decentralized, with the goal of giving individuals more power and control.


Using a peer-to-peer (P2P) approach, all transactions for buying, selling, lending, and making payments with cryptocurrency can take place without a central authority in the De-Fi model.

4. Mining Crypto-coins

Even though this option is on our list, it is seen as one of the most expensive approaches to earning from crypto.

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This is an expensive approach because you will have to purchase the necessary hardware and software for mining. These gadgets purely depend on the type of coin you wish to mine, which will determine how much you’ll need to invest in them.

To earn interest in crypto from mining, obtain cryptocurrency mining software in Australia. The software should be available on the cryptocurrency’s website of your choice.


Now set up your mining gadget in a secure location with a proper cooling mechanism. These mining equipments can generate a lot of heat and pose a fire risk if not used properly. Hence, like every other option we have listed above, do this at your own risk.

5. Playing Crypto Reward Games in Australia

On the internet today, there are a lot of ads that tell you to play some games and earn some money. Even though most of these ads turn out to be fake click-baits, a few of them are actually legit.

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Playing some of these kinds of games is one of the easiest and most fun ways to earn some interest in crypto in Australia. However, rest assured that you will definitely not get rich via this approach. Hence, it may take more of your time and efforts for you to actually earn a reasonable amount of coin.


With what we have learned so far, it is safe to say that you need to be ready to take some hard risks to earn.


Crypto may have a very promising future in our transactions today, so it won’t be bad to earn some interest even while in Australia. Well, if you truly feel like you want to know how, this article will help you with that.

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