10 Best Health Insurance Brokers in Fort Worth (2024)

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Health insurance brokers in Fort Worth: Getting the right health insurance coverage is an important part of staying healthy. Individuals and families in Fort Worth, Texas, have many health insurance options, and selecting the best plan can be difficult.

Health insurance brokers can simplify the process by providing expertise and guidance. Insurance agents must be licensed in the state where they work.


In this article, we will look at the top health insurance brokers in Fort Worth, emphasizing their key features and services.

How to Find the Best Health Insurance in Fort Worth

According to BLS, health insurance in Fort Worth is promising, and getting an insurance agent for your health needs is advisable.


Here are some tips to look at if you are looking to find the best health insurance in Fort Worth:

Know Where to Start

In Fort Worth, numerous health insurance options exist for people between the ages of 18 and 26.

You can look into your prospects through your employer, your parents (if you are under 26), the government, insurance companies, or the Marketplace.

Budget Based on Your Health Care Needs

There is a tradeoff between cost and coverage when shopping for health insurance. It is the buyer’s responsibility to find the best balance for them. Cheaper plans may have less coverage, but you could save money if you stay healthy.


If you have a medical emergency, you must pay your entire deductible. More expensive plans provide more comprehensive coverage, larger networks, and greater flexibility at a higher monthly cost.

Check for Premium Tax Credits

Premium tax credits can help you save money on your monthly health insurance premiums.

These credits are available for Silver plans to those whose income is between 100% and 250% of the federal poverty level (FPL), or between $20,385 and $33,975 per year for an individual.

The American Rescue Plan Act extended premium tax credits to those earning less than 400% of the federal poverty line until 2025.


Check Government Program Eligibility

Medicare and Medicaid both provide low-cost health insurance with stringent eligibility requirements.

Medicare is available to those 65 and older, while Medicaid is available to low-income individuals. Unemployed people may be able to obtain health insurance through Medicaid in some cases.

Choose Your Plan

Selecting a health insurance plan is a significant step. It’s critical to read the fine print and review all the details to ensure you get the required coverage.

Understand your deductibles, copays, and networks, and don’t be afraid to discuss any concerns with your provider.


10 Best Health Insurance Brokers in Fort Worth

  • Ambetter from Superior HealthPlan
  • Cigna
  • Lay and Williams Health Insurance
  • Woods Insurance Agency
  • Farm & Ranch Healthcare, Inc.
  • Hawkins Insurance Group
  • Cordell & Company Insurance Agency
  • Walker Health Insurance
  • Precise Health Insurance Agency
  • Insurance4Dallas

1. Ambetter from Superior HealthPlan

According to MoneyGeek’s evaluation of the city’s health insurance providers, Ambetter from Superior Health Plan provides the best health insurance in Fort Worth.

It provides Silver plans with an average monthly premium of $521 and a low MOOP cost of $4,550, making it an appealing option for individuals seeking protection against major medical expenses.

It also has a very low claim denial rate, which means your claims will almost certainly be approved.

Average costs and MOOPs are based on data collected; actual prices may differ. While Baylor Scott and White Health Plan has the lowest rates, it has high MOOP maximums and a high denial rate, making it a less appealing option.


2. Cigna

If you’re looking for low-cost health insurance in Fort Worth, Cigna’s plans average $460 monthly with a MOOP of $5,045.

This makes it an excellent choice for healthy individuals looking to reduce their monthly premiums. It is one of the best health insurance brokers in Fort Worth.

Cigna has an above-average denial rate, which means your claims are more likely to be denied. Denials can be stressful for a client because you must pay for the denied services or treatments out of pocket.

3. Lay and Williams Health Insurance

Lay and Williams Health Insurance is a Fort Worth-based insurance agency.


It specializes in providing individual health insurance, Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare drug plans from various providers such as Aetna, Humana, and Blue Cross. It is one of the best health insurance brokers in Fort Worth.

Since 1983, the agency has been meeting the health insurance needs of individuals and businesses.

It is also a member of the National Association of Health Underwriters. Owner Robert M. Lay has over 30 years of experience in the employee benefits industry.

4. Woods Insurance Agency

Forth Worth residents can get health insurance from Woods Insurance Agency. It has over 20 years of insurance industry experience and a diverse network of insurance carriers.


Furthermore, its agents use a paperless system to process documents and claims, with 95% of them digitized for the client’s convenience.

When it comes to recommending health insurance policies, they take the time to identify and understand each policy buyer’s needs and consider factors such as dependents.

5. Farm & Ranch Healthcare, Inc.

Farm & Ranch Healthcare, Inc. has been serving Forth Worth clients’ Medicare health insurance needs since 1995.

Its agents help clients find the right Medicare Supplement and Advantage plans that meet their coverage needs by representing insurance carriers such as American National, National General, and United American. Farm & Ranch Healthcare also sells life insurance.


The agency’s independent professionals serve over 40 states and strive to help customers make informed decisions about the required coverage by answering their questions.

6. Hawkins Insurance Group

Hawkins Insurance Group is an independent insurance agency that serves families and individuals in the Fort Worth metro area and surrounding communities.

It is a health insurance company that assists clients in obtaining Medicare Supplement and Savings Account plans.

Cancer, heart attack, stroke, vision, and dental insurance are also available from the company. It also provides financial and retirement income planning and wealth management services.


Hawkins Insurance Group is a family-run business that has been in operation for nine years.

7. Cordell & Company Insurance Agency

Cordell & Company Insurance Agency is based in Fort Worth and has been in business since 1964. It provides various health insurance products, including EPOs, HMOs, and PPOs.

Furthermore, insurance agents help clients obtain catastrophic health insurance, high-deductible, and point-of-service plans.

They also offer personal insurance, umbrella insurance, workers’ compensation insurance, commercial insurance, and a group health insurance plan. Finally, Cordell & Company Insurance Agency manages risk and finances.


8. Walker Health Insurance

Walker Health Insurance works with several insurance carriers to provide individuals and businesses with insurance packages tailored to their specific needs.

The independent health insurance company in Fort Worth has 65 years of combined experience and works with each client to provide the most comprehensive coverage possible.

It provides dental, critical illness, accident, and health indemnity coverage. Furthermore, its agents can arrange Medicare Supplement plans to cover client policy gaps.

9. Precise Health Insurance Agency

Precise Health Insurance Agency serves clients in the Fort Worth area with a wide range of insurance products. Health, life, and dental insurance are examples.


Its bilingual agents have more than three decades of combined experience assisting policy buyers in enrolling in an insurance plan that meets their needs.

The agency also places a strong emphasis on making insurance terminology simple for its clients to understand. Medicare Advantage and business insurance plans are among its other insurance products.

10. Insurance4Dallas

Individuals and businesses in Fort Worth and the surrounding areas can turn to Insurance4Dallas for risk management solutions.

It provides individual and group health insurance plans to protect policyholders and their families from the financial burdens that illnesses and injuries can cause. It is one of the best health insurance brokers in Fort Worth.


Furthermore, the SBE, HUB, and NMSDC-certified brokerages provide life, vision, and dental insurance policies from various carriers, such as Humana, Delta Dental, and Cigna.

It aims to address issues in the healthcare system, such as policy deductibles and the distinction between HMO and PPO networks.


Finding the best health insurance broker entails researching, comparing options, and communicating clearly.

You can find the right broker to help you navigate the complex world of health insurance and secure the coverage that best fits your budget and health requirements by using this guide and considering your specific needs.



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