Is Advertising a Good Major, What Can I do With It?


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If you ask if advertising is a good major, most well-paid advertising professionals work as content writers, salespeople, digital marketers, business executives, and many other marketing companies and nonprofit commercial offices.

Therefore, we will try to understand what marketing is all about, what careers are available for you, and where you can get this degree. So, keep reading to get as much information as you can.

What is advertising all about?

Advertising Degree

Advertising is all about generating revenue, and there are many people looking for individuals who know what to do to persuade others to spend.

Anywhere you go, there are people doing it, even without knowing. Take, for instance, salespeople, entertainers, and many more. Even the normal man putting on a McDonald’s polo works in advertising.

So long as you are telling someone else anything about particular goods or services, you are either directly or indirectly advertising.

Types of Advertising Degrees

A university, institute, or school of business can award one of these four types of advertising degrees:

  • Associate’s Degree
  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Master’s Degree
  • Doctorate Degree
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But despite having the above degree in advertising, you are required to have experience, because your salary would be based on your experience.

What occupations are available with an advertising degree?

Be informed that living in a developed area may be advantageous in terms of increasing your career chances. While there are career prospects in rural locations, they are quite rare.

Moreover, it is worth knowing that many employment options necessitate travel.

Marketing careers can be profitable, but they may also be stressful because advertising is a quick, demanding, and profit-driven business.

Here are some of the popular jobs you can do with an advertising degree:

  • Account Executive: the key person in charge of developing and managing client relationships
  • Advertising Analyst: manage their companies‘ advertising campaigns
  • Advertising Artist: construct the graphic elements of an advertisement or promotional tactic
  • Advertising Consultant: focuses on how organizations connect with present or prospective customers and is an expert on trends and target markets
  • Advertising Coordinator: organizes and manages a company’s or organization’s print and digital media
  • Advertising Manager: responsible for designing and coordinating company advertising campaigns
  • Commercial Producer: a person who creates and makes ads for promotional purposes
  • Communications Consultant: produces both internal and external company notifications
  • Copywriter or Content Writer: Copywriting is all about persuasion, whereas content writing is all about educating or entertaining.
  • Graphic Designer: design, visual thoughts by hand or with computer tools to express information that inspires, instructs, and fascinates customers
  • Internet Marketer: create email, social media, and mobile marketing campaigns, use SEO, and frequently do a digital marketing analysis to better grasp their customers
  • Jingle Writer: a songwriter and producer who writes songs for commercials
  • Marketing Specialist: focuses on a specific area of marketing
  • Public Relations Specialist: develop and maintain a healthy public reputation for the people, teams, or institutions they serve
  • Salesperson: in charge of greeting clients, assisting them in finding things in the shop, and generating significant sales
  • Screenwriter: write their script in such a manner that the audience can imagine the atmosphere, emotion, and how it will appear on the screen
  • Web Designer: Plans, designs, and codes websites and web pages for a firm
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What is required to be an advertiser?

To become a productive advertiser, you should have these essential specifications:

1. A College diploma

A bachelor’s degree is the starting point for a profession in marketing. Some businesses also provide internships to college students in order for them to gain practical experience.

The majority of marketing managers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, have bachelor’s degrees in advertising or marketing.

2. Creativity

Basically, being imaginative is crucial in a marketing job. An advertiser should be capable of creating advertising concepts, plotlines, and emblems that speak to the core of their brands.

Their communications must be persuasive enough to elicit a high level of customer support.

3. Writing abilities 

Writing abilities  Many people begin their careers as copywriters, who write the words and messages that appear in advertisements.

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Advertising Degree Salary?

According to Zippia Career Experts, the average advertising degree salary for graduates in the United States is $62,238 per year, or $29.92 per hour. While the wealthiest 10% earn more than $122,000 per year, the bottom 10% earn less than $31,000.

It is important to know, however, that these salaries vary depending on your place of work and the type of firm. Normally, the majority of marketing degree graduates work in technology and professional firms.

Though the salaries are not based on either a bachelor’s degree, an associate’s degree, a master’s degree, or a doctorate degree, they’re based on your experience level.

Entry Level$37,800$18.17
Mid Level$65,800$31.64
Senior Level$172,000$82.72
This is the experience level derived from Zippia career Experts

How do I get an advertising degree?

A bachelor’s in advertising degree program typically takes four years to complete. Accelerated programs, on the other hand, are also available.

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Students with a bachelor’s degree can also pursue a master’s degree in marketing, which is a strong suggestion for senior roles in the field.

Where can I get an advertising degree?

Because advertising combines creativity and commerce, a double degree in commerce and media, or English, is excellent preparation for a job in advertising.

Sociology, journalism, cinematography, and graphics are among other majors that may also be useful in pursuing a career in marketing.

Here are some of the best schools to attend if you wish to pursue an advertising degree:


An advertising degree can provide you with lasting and steady employment opportunities. It is a fulfilling and satisfying career since it permits you to have an influence on society and transform things.

So, if you’re wondering what you can accomplish with a degree in advertising, here’s a list of probable occupations for advertising graduates.

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