How to Write a Landscape Resume 2024 (Sample)

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Landscape Workers are in charge of maintaining outdoor areas in good condition. Crafting samples of a compelling Landscape Resume requires showcasing your expertise in landscape design, maintenance, and project management.

Typical resume samples for this job highlight duties like mowing lawns, maintaining structures such as fences and fountains, and keeping trees and flowerbeds. Employers in the landscaping industry look for candidates with a strong track record of creating and maintaining outdoor spaces. 


In this article, we will show you how to write a landscape resume with samples. Throughout this guide, we’ll provide expert tips to help you translate your career experience into an impactful, professional resume.

Landscape Resume Samples

Before we continue with the process of writing a landscape resume, we have some sample landscape resumes to follow below:

[Your Name]


[Your Address] | [Your City, State, Zip Code] | [Your Phone Number] | [Your Email Address]


Experienced and detail-oriented landscaper with a passion for creating beautiful outdoor spaces. Skilled in landscape design, plant care, and project management. I am seeking a challenging landscape position to utilize my skills and contribute to creating stunning landscapes.

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  • Proficient in landscape design software (e.g., AutoCAD, SketchUp)
  • Expertise in plant selection, installation, and maintenance
  • Knowledge of irrigation systems and hardscape installation
  • Project management skills, including budgeting and scheduling
  • Strong attention to detail and ability to work independently or in a team



Landscaping Supervisor

[Previous Company Name], [Location], and [Dates of Employment]

  • Led a team of landscapers in designing and maintaining residential and commercial landscapes
  • Managed landscape projects from concept to completion, ensuring quality and client satisfaction
  • Oversaw plant installations, irrigation system maintenance, and hardscape construction
  • Conducted site assessments, created landscape plans, and provided cost estimates to clients

Landscape Technician

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[Previous Company Name], [Location], and [Dates of Employment]

  • Installed and maintained plants, trees, and shrubs according to landscape design plans
  • Operated and maintained landscaping equipment, such as mowers, trimmers, and blowers
  • Assisted in irrigation system repairs and adjustments to ensure optimal plant health
  • Collaborated with team members to complete landscape projects on time and within budget



Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture

[Name of University], [Location], [Year of Graduation]

  • Coursework in landscape design, plant biology, environmental sustainability, and project management
  • Hands-on experience in landscape design studios and fieldwork projects


  • Certified Landscape Professional (CLP)
  • Irrigation Association Certified Irrigation Technician (CIT)
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  • Provided volunteer landscaping services for North Charleston Community Center.


  • Highly Commended, 2019 Charleston in Bloom competition

How to write landscape resume samples

When you’re ready to write your landscape worker resume, here are some steps you can follow:

1. List your contact information

At the top of your resume, inform prospective employers of how they can contact you if they have questions, want to schedule an interview, or want to invite you to work for them.

List your full name, a phone number you have consistent access to, and a professional email address.

Check these details for accuracy. If you don’t have a professional email address, you can create one. When listing an email on a resume, it’s important to use an email that’s free from any silly words or phrases. This lets employers know you’re a mature applicant who takes the opportunity seriously 

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2. Write a professional summary

Next, you can include a sentence or two about what you’re looking for in a position and about what your key qualifications are.


It’s often helpful to reference specific job postings when writing your professional summary. The posts can give you inspiration for what language to use and what to highlight. Mentioning the company or position you want specifically can also help make your resume feel more tailored and direct.

3. Describe your work history

Focus the main content of your landscape resume samples on your previous work experience. Start with your most recent or current position. Try to show the prospective employer how your duties in past positions make you a qualified candidate for the landscape worker role.

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Experience working with customers, performing landscape duties, or operating specific equipment can help. For each addition, list your job title, the dates you worked in the position, the company you worked for, and the location of the company. You can then use bullet points beneath each job to describe your responsibilities in the role.

4. Discuss your relevant skills

Beneath your work experience, describe some of your top skills. Again, referencing specific job postings can help you include skills employers look for in a candidate. Otherwise, consider including skills like:

  • Attention to detail: Attention to detail is an important skill for landscape workers because it shows you care about the final product and about meeting client expectations. By highlighting this skill, you can inform prospective employers that you notice minor details of projects and feel committed to delivering a high-quality service.
  • Communication: Another important skill for landscape professionals is communication. This can help you communicate with team members and even clients when necessary.
  • Teamwork: Many landscapers work with a team to complete projects on time and to standard. Teamwork skills can show employers you work well with others.
  • Landscaping: If you have specific skills in landscaping or knowledge of techniques like xeriscaping or green landscaping, highlight these on your resume. This can show employers that you possess in-depth knowledge and are passionate about your work.
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5. Include your education and certifications

You can also include your education and any certifications you hold on the samples of landscape resume. For your education, list your highest level attained and the institution you attended. If you graduated within the last three years, include your graduation year too.


Certifications can be a powerful resume booster if you have them. For certifications, list the credential you hold, the certifying entity, and the year you attained or renewed your credential.

6. Format your document

It’s important to ensure your resume is cohesive and well-organized for two reasons. The first is that it looks professional and encourages employers to see you as a serious and promising candidate. The second is that well-formatted resumes are often easier to read.

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Work to create clear sections with consistent formatting so that employers can easily scan your document and understand your experience, skills, and qualifications. You can often find templates online or included in word processing programs. Look for a template that is simple, professional, and neat.

7. Review your resume

A resume that is accurate and free from grammatical and spelling errors shows employers you care about the appearance and professionalism of your application. Review your resume carefully to look for any mistakes it may contain. Also, pay special attention to your wording.

Ensure your sentences are easy to understand and free from unnecessary details or wordiness. Consider having someone else review your resume too. Often, it’s easier for a fresh reviewer to spot errors you may have missed.



Well-crafted samples of a landscape resume can help you stand out in the competitive landscaping job market.

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By highlighting your skills, experience, and accomplishments in landscape design and maintenance, you can demonstrate your value to potential employers. Use the sample template provided above as a guide to creating your professional landscape resume.

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