How to Become a Pharmacist in UK

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Pharmacists are medical professionals who use drugs to help people achieve and maintain excellent health. To become a Pharmacist in UK, you must complete a four or five-year MPharm bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy.

In the United Kingdom, pharmacists are in high demand. The presence of a pharmacist on the premises or monitoring the distribution of specific drugs is required by law. This means that a pharmacist must constantly monitor the pharmacy technicians.


This article explains what a pharmacist does, how to become a pharmacist in UK, and answers some of the most often-asked questions about this profession.

What Does a Pharmacist do?

Pharmacists can provide customers with over-the-counter or doctor-prescribed medication. They also instruct customers on how to take their prescriptions safely. Pharmacists provide essential healthcare services.


As a pharmacist, you could:

  •  Deliver pharmaceuticals in a pharmacy, hospital, or general practitioner’s office,
  •  Advise on prescriptions, medicine dosages, hazards, and medication usage and storage.
  • Provide advice on medication use and storage.
  • Run hospital screening programs, procure, test, and supply medications, oversee and train staff such as junior pharmacists, and monitor inventory.
  • Carry out pharmacological studies or clinical trials.
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Where do Pharmacists Work?

Pharmacists have many options for places to work, including:

  • Community pharmacy
  • General practice
  • Academia
  • Hospitals
  • Care homes
  • Industry
  • Technical services and clinical trials
  • Integrated care systems
  • Procurement
  • Mental health
  • Research
  • Health and Justice
  • Armed forces

How to Become a Pharmacist in UK

You can get into this job through a university course.


To become a pharmacist, you must obtain a four-year master’s degree in pharmacy (MPharm) from the General Pharmaceutical Council. 

Following that, you must complete a one-year pharmacist foundation training scheme.

If you do not meet the qualifications for a master’s degree in pharmacy, you may be able to pursue a two-year pharmacy foundation degree.

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After that, you could work as a pharmacy assistant or technician before applying for the master’s degree in the second year.

Entry requirements

You will usually need the following:

  • A foundation degree requires at least one A level or equivalent.
  • Two or three A-levels, including chemistry or the equivalent

Licensing requirements for Pharmacists in the UK 

Before applying for registration, the next step is to pass the GPHC exam. The exam is administered twice yearly, first in the summer in June and again in the fall on the last Friday in September. Students may retake the GPHC exam up to three times. The examination is broken into two sections: 

  • Part 1: 2.5-hour calculation paper
  • Part 2: 2.5 hours of multiple-choice testing
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Candidates must finish both parts in a single session. Students who pass the exam can apply for registration as a pharmacist in the United Kingdom. 

Registration Process

You’ll need to register with the General Pharmaceutical Council.

You can learn more about becoming a pharmacist from Health Careers and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society.

Skills Required to become a Pharmacist in UK

You will require the following:

  • thoroughness and attention to detail
  •  tolerance for criticism and the capacity to operate well under pressure
  • sensitivity and comprehension
  • customer service abilities
  • patience and the capacity to remain calm under pressure
  • grasp of mathematics
  •  great verbal communication skills
  • the capacity to understand English
  • the ability to successfully utilize a computer and the major software packages.
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What is the Average Salary for a Pharmacist in UK?

A pharmacist’s starting salary in the United Kingdom is 39,536 USD* per year. Experience can boost annual earnings to USD 56,099* (National Careers Service).


Pay and benefits for pharmacists vary based on the type of business, but they are similar to National Health Service (NHS) salaries and benefits, which include pension fund payments. NHS pharmacists are entitled to 27 days of annual leave plus bank holidays.


There are a great many opportunities open for the qualified pharmacist in the UK. You could work in hospitals, care homes, industry, academia, etc., and even own your Pharmaceutical store.

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Although it can be stressful to be a pharmacist, it is definitely worth it. Read through this article to get the correct information on how to become a pharmacist in Uk.


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